38 Fails That Had Me Laughing, Cackling, And Wheezing So Hard, I Had To Reach For My Inhaler

1.This wedding cake design:

Closeup of a wedding cake

2.This unfortunate wood glue drip:

A black wooden dog with glue dropping from under it

3.This seasonal sign:

"Hello Sping"

4.And, this festive fall fail:

"I love foll"

5.This misleading message:

car tire cover that says, him in us is heaven

6.This name that should've gone through more workshopping first:

store called a brown breeze

7.This DoorDash disaster:

Bad nachos

8.This unfortunately hysterical word placement:

every child garbage matters recycle

9.This bookmark that literally had one job:

you did a crape job

10.This disastrous design:


11.These stomach-churning churros:

burnt churros

12.This hell baby:

hello baby sign looks like it says hell baby

13.This horse with freaky, human eyes:

A horse with human eyes

14.This misleading marketing:

A cheese slicer

15.This intro gone awry:

hey you've got cool outfits. do you throat a lot? corrected to thrift

16.This unique choice of letter coloring:

freshing poo highlighted in the text

17.This mystery that is room 313:

rooms 301–314 to the left. rooms 313–328 to the right

18.These pathetic pancakes:

pile of oddly shaped pancakes

19.This incredible souvenir for a world traveler:

keychain says ondon instead of london

20.This mortifying map:

map of the world with states and countries labeled wrong

21.This oopsie:

gallons of paint spilled in an aisle

22.This person who should've quit while they were ahead:

i wanna get you nakey, the person says was sent as an autocorrect

23.This homemade eggnog:

thick, spoiled-looking eggnog

24.This unthinkable sink:

crooked sink

25.This tragic takeout Caprese salad:

shredded cheese and tomatoes

26.This public defender who almost got too cozy with a client:

i had a dream where you told me you didn't like when i talked like a port star

27.This grilled cheese gone wrong:

burnt grilled cheese

28.This terrifying choice:

graphic of a man on top of a grass background with the grass imposed on his eyes and mouth

29.This dramatic design choice:

kleenex box designed to look like tissue is coming out of spider-man's butt

30.This turkey that looks toxic:

A bad-looking turkey

31.This peep that isn't actually passing gas:

peeps box that looks like a cloud of fart is coming from the peep

32.This anti-plastic book, which came wrapped in plastic:

book in plastic

33.This ridiculous Red Robin pizza:

mess of a pizza in its box

34.This perfectly secure truck load that shouldn't cause any issues whatsoever:

dirt tied down on a truck bed

35.This bread with a slight char:

completely burnt bread

36.This wise warning:

do not exceed 20 children

37.This confusing rating system:

branding looks like it's 2 out of 5 stars

38.Finally, this accidental artwork:

dog on top of a roomba smearing its poop everywhere

H/T: r/CrappyDesign, r/ShittyFoodPorn, r/OSHA, r/OopsDidntMeanTo, r/Wellthatsucks