36 Outrageously Selfish Individuals Who Clearly Thought The World Owed Them Something

Call me jaded, but imho the world is full of ridiculously cheap, entitled people who think acquaintances or even strangers on the internet owe them something. While I'm all for helping others, sometimes people just are so beyond ungrateful to the point of being rude.

Screenshots from "New Girl"

In case you don't believe me, I've compiled some of the most infuriating examples below. Prepare to have your blood boil!

1.This person's ex's friend called THEM cheap, even though they were the one trying to mooch off someone else's Netflix account.

Screenshot of a text exchange
u/The_Duff / Via reddit.com

2.The best part of this one? This entitled woman is texting her PARTNER'S EX-WIFE.

"It's a gift silly goose."
u/ivyellenugh / Via reddit.com

3.This person literally blamed the breakdown of their marriage on someone who didn't want to work for free.

"Go to hell"
u/Ultra_Effect / Via reddit.com

4.Birthday DMs and Amazon gifts were not enough for this woman — she wanted cold hard cash from everyone who follows her on Instagram.

"Get your heads out of your ass abd in reality."
u/o0h-la-la / Via reddit.com

5.This person wanted not only a free meal, but dessert.

"yeah sort of need some money for dessert"
u/public-buttcrack / Via reddit.com

6.This person wanted a free ride, but refused to pay a few dollars for parking.

'why should I pay for parking for your car?????"
u/EleanorFrench6 / Via reddit.com

7.This person wanted a full custom dress for free.

"nobody will make a custom dress for free"
u/DogeToTheMoon2022 / Via reddit.com

8.This person was in desperate need of help, but was still picky about it.

"you better come with boxes, snacks AND AN APOLOGY."
u/AngelCakes11 / Via reddit.com

9.And this person was in desperate need of a fridge and freezer, but refused to accept one that was slightly different than the one they wanted.

"it had two drawers and a shelf."
u/freckles-101 / Via reddit.com

10.This person was one of the "All Lives Matter" jerks.

"You suck."
u/happylittletreeshhi / Via reddit.com

11.This woman just refused to use Google, and got angry at anyone who tried to help her.

"what a useful link"
u/CheryllMeredith / Via reddit.com

12.This person's coworker wanted a free $800 quilt.

"Any advice?"
u/TheHumblePeach / Via reddit.com

13.This person wanted a massive fancy wedding catered for over 50% off.

"I'm pretty sure you have a good plug lol every good caterer does."
u/DependableCarca / Via reddit.com

14.This person was just wildly dramatic.

"I need God to put a stop to me"
u/sexi_squidward / Via reddit.com

15.This person wanted a fancy car to borrow for a whole weekend for free — oh, and he wanted to smoke weed in it.

"something you would be cool with me and my partner smoking in would be ideal."
u/whistlewink / Via reddit.com

16.This person was wildly picky, but refused to spend a lot of money.

"Please comment with details and pictures if you have anything..."
u/JessicaMurawski / Via reddit.com

17.This person basically claimed vets should work for free because they care about animals.

"I think it's disgusting we have to pay for pet care..."
u/VelmaOwens2 / Via reddit.com

18.This person wanted someone to take care of their puppy for half a year...for only $100 a month.

"Someone to board our German Shepard"
u/True-Passage-8131 / Via reddit.com

19.This person wanted a new Nintendo Switch for free — and they were SUPER picky about the exact edition.

"Anyone want to help a single papa out?"
u/whistlewink / Via reddit.com

20.I was completely on board with this single mother's request for used furniture until she requested three smart TVs.

Screenshot of a Facebook post
u/threewords8letters / Via reddit.com

21.This person wanted a photographer to work for free at their destination wedding.

"Might be a reach but I know I've heard of ones that do."
u/mynameiscraige / Via reddit.com

22.This person wanted a refund on a drawing they'd commissioned just because they decided they didn't care about the character it was of anymore.

"Who in their freaking right mind would do that?"
u/clemfairie / Via reddit.com

23.This person was kind enough to allow their friend's sister-in-law to stay with them during their plastic surgery, then proved no good deed goes unpunished when this literal stranger revealed she also wanted free meals and rides everywhere.

"Let me just pay a ticket for someone to come to Miami with me for free! This is insane!"
u/Mother_Customer7570 / Via reddit.com

24.This person wanted a free way to get filtered water because they were "tired of paying for water," and refused to just drink tap water.

"if people really need water they should have access to their basic needs."
u/kalvinbastello / Via reddit.com

25.This person wanted someone to accept $10/hour to be insulted constantly.

"Must be strong to transfer (almost dead weight), and thick skinned as he says what's on his mind at all times."
u/kalvinbastello / Via reddit.com

26.This person reallyyyy didn't understand the meaning of "pay it forward."

"if you want to help me and support me..."
u/thatsgank / Via reddit.com

27.This person refused to pay for a date, then got mad when their date used an employee discount to help them pay.

"Olive Garden Drama"
u/Concerned_Friend338 / Via reddit.com

28.And this woman got mad that her date asked her to pay for her sandwich on the third date after paying for everything on the first two dates.

"I can do better than that"
u/expert-amateur / Via reddit.com

29.This mom wanted to be paid for kids having a playdate with her kid.

"yes, if no one chooses to take me up on my proposition, it is okay with me..."
u/bedtime_besttime / Via reddit.com

30.This person wanted a free coder and promised it would be "fun."

"goofy ahh game needs a programmer!"
u/MegaKBang / Via reddit.com

31.This person wanted a performer to do a call with their kid for free because it was her daughter's birthday.

"I can do 10 for 30 minutes."
u/PaySep03 / Via reddit.com

32.This person asked permission to steal an artist's work, because they somehow thought that would go over well.

"For real a clown"
u/ConnorScalbom / Via reddit.com

33.This family expected a cheap house with everything they needed just because they were Christian.

"In Jesus name..."
u/XanaxWarriorPrincess / Via reddit.com

34.This job wanted a person with plenty of experience to work a whole week for free.

"I've got another 3 juniors to interview..."
u/odway / Via reddit.com

35.This person wanted to buy a super rare Pokémon card (that wasn't for sale, BTW) at a steep discount from the kind soul who volunteered his time to play Pokémon with kids.

u/dingomatemybaby / Via reddit.com

36.And finally, a 5% discount wasn't enough for this person.

"We do not need luck we are Marines.lol"
u/ConfidenceBig7252 / Via reddit.com

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