34 Absolutely Wild Photos Of The Human Body That Made Me Stare At My Computer In Shock

1. This is what skulls of people who still have their baby teeth look like.

2.Here's what the roots of a wisdom tooth look like.

A wisdom tooth with twisted roots

3. And here's what the teeth of people with mulberry molars look like.

4.This is what getting goosebumps looks like close up.

Hairs raising on skin

5.Here's what it looks like when an iris starts growing over your pupil (aka persistent pupillary membrane, or PPM).

Close-up of iris material growing over pupil

6.And here's what it looks like to have a collapsed iris.

Iris material collecting at bottom of pupil

7.If you've ever wondered what a human with a tail would look like, here's a baby who was actually born with one.

A long, thin skin tail on the backside of a baby

8.There's a condition called dermographism, or dermatographia, where, if you scratch at your skin or even sometimes just apply pressure, you have an allergic reaction. This means you can essentially spell or draw things on your skin, as seen below.

"Medizzy" spelled out in the raised bumps on an arm

9.You may have heard about polydactyls before, especially in reference to cats that have an extra toe (or finger) or two. But did you know humans can be polydactyls too?

A human foot with nine toes

10.There's also mirror hand syndrome, where you have two hands (minus the thumbs) for the price of one.

X-ray of the "double" hand, which has eight fingers

11.There's yet another condition where your thumb has three phalanges instead of two, causing it to be much longer than normal.

Two hands with very long thumbs

12.Lots of people (including yours truly) deal with Raynaud's phenomenon, where blood flow is restricted and doesn't reach extremities well. This can cause your fingers to be an entirely different color — you can see it on a single finger below.

A very pale pointy finger and reddish-white other fingers on a hand

13.No, this isn't the eye of a high-quality humanoid robot. This is what eyes look like after getting surgery to replace a diseased cornea with an artificial cornea.

An eye with what looks like a porous iris

14.And here's what electrical burns on your eyes would look like — basically stars on your eyes.

Starbursts in the irises

15.We don't really have to deal with the plague anymore, but this guy who contracted bubonic, pneumonic, and septicemic plague might give you a good idea of what it was like.

A hand with blackened fingers and palm

16.Here's what the inside of a human bone looks like.

Fibrousy-looking inside of a human bone

17.And here's what a cross section of your spinal cord looks like.

A spinal cord's milky-looking, moist interior

18. This is what a major close-up of a human eye looks like.

19. This is what it looks like for ink to spread over skin.

20.This is what a teratoma — a tumor that can grow teeth, eyes, hair, etc. — looks like.

Close-up of a teratoma with eyes and many teeth

21.And another one with hair.

Close-up of a twisted teratoma with hair

22.Hey, want me to ruin your day? Turns out it's possible for hair to grow out of your eye.

A hair emerging from an eyeball

23.This is what having a parasitic twin looks like. In case you didn't know, this is a rare condition (and type of teratoma) in which one twin continues developing normally, but the other stops developing, and some of its body remains in the first twin's body. Usually, the extra parts are removed much closer to the birth of the viable child, but here's what it looks like on an older child.

A person's torso with a twisted lump of flesh, including a portion of a leg and foot, at the center of their abdomen

24. This is what TWO parasitic twins growing inside someone's skull looks like.

@OGdukeneurosurg / Twitter / Via Twitter: @OGdukeneurosurg

25.Freaky, but this is what all the blood vessels in our bodies — stripped of everything else — look like.

Red blood vessels in the shape of a human body, without skeleton, skin, or other organs, on a mattress

26.And this is what the nerves connected to your teeth look like.

A network of thin nerves extending from teeth and from the brain

27. There's a fun new device called a vein scanner — here's what your veins look like under it.

28. This is what anonychia congenita — where someone doesn't have nails — looks like.

29.Here's what it looks like to have two toenails on the same toe...

Two small toenails on one larger toe, with no nail in the center

30. ...and to have a straight-up double toe.

31. Here is what it looks like to have bubbles in your eye. (Context: This was done purposely to help repair tears in the retina.)

32. This is a video of someone with asteroid hyalosis — which is not only unsettling but also really beautiful, IMO.

33.This is what the inside of the top of a human skull looks like.

Close-up of inside the human skull showing the top of the brain

34.And finally, this is how big an ovarian cyst can get.

A patient lying on a bed with an enormously distended abdomen with stretch marks and veins visible

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