33 Sexual Awakenings From TV And Movies You'll Only Understand If You're Not 100% Straight

1.In The Parent Trap, when Meredith Blake looked up at the camera in that glorious black hat, which gave me heart palpitations, and then Nick Parker walked onto the screen and immediately had me questioning if I had unresolved daddy issues.

Meredith Blake from "The Parent Trap" sips wine, then embraces Nick Parker from behind, adjusting his shirt to reveal his chest hair

RIP Natasha Richardson, who was also a smokeshow (and will always be Princess Diana to my younger self).

Walt Disney Pictures

2.In Pirates of the Caribbean, when both Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom made me wish I could be a pirate in search of some booty.

Orlando and Keira in the first "Pirates" movie

They're both just so pretty???

Walt Disney Pictures

3.In The Mummy, when Rachel Weisz and Brendan Fraser had the audacity to look like THIS in every single scene, and my heart skipped several beats.

Rachel and Brendan looking at each other in the desert

Quirky, smart, and hot badasses. You really can't do better than that, folks.

Universal Pictures


Brendan and Rachel in "The Mummy"
Universal Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

4.In Boy Meets World, when Shawn and Angela made out on that iconic red couch, and I desperately wished I could have joined them. (Rider Strong's lips just looked so soft, okay?!)

Shawn and Angela kissing on the couch

They really deserved to end up together. (And with me.)


5.In John Tucker Must Die, when Sophia Bush taught Brittany Snow how to kiss in that one scene, but more importantly, when Jesse Metcalfe jumped into bed while wearing that lacy thong.

Sophia Bush and Brittany Snow kissing in a car and then Jesse being pulled by the ear out of a hotel room wearing only the lace thong

Honorable mention goes to Penn Badgley and those luscious, luscious curls, as well as basically any time Ashanti was on screen.

20th Century Fox

6.In The Princess Diaries, when Mandy Moore and Erik von Detten played with that piece of gum, and I turned into a fantasizing Mia Thermopolis.

Erik von Detten and Mandy Moore kissing with a piece of gum

Anne Hathaway, you will always have my heart. Marry me.

Walt Disney Pictures

7.In Family Matters, when Steve Urkel transformed into Stefan Urquelle, and I started to feel the same way about him as I did Laura Winslow.

Stefan talking to Laura at her party in the living room

Laura Winslow had the brains, the looks, AND the personality. An iconic triple threat who I would have married on the spot, no questions asked.


8.In Smallville, when grown-adult Tom Welling played 14-year-old Clark Kent, and I drooled a little bit every time his shirt came off.

Tom taking off his shirt by the lake

He was 24 years old in real life when the show premiered, and I still think we'd make a cute couple.

The CW

9.In The Outsiders, when I had to watch this movie in school and had sooooo many inappropriate thoughts about the entire cast, so I'm shocked I wasn't sent to the principal's office (or directly to hell).

A person standing with arms crossed, wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt and jeans, in front of a door with chipped paint
A person standing with arms crossed, wearing a short-sleeve button-up shirt and jeans, in front of a door with chipped paint
A person, resembling Rob Lowe, sits at a table wearing a blue, unbuttoned work shirt over a white t-shirt, looking to the side
A person, resembling Rob Lowe, sits at a table wearing a blue, unbuttoned work shirt over a white t-shirt, looking to the side

Sunset Boulevard / Corbis via Getty Images

A young Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon, Patrick Swayze, Tom Cruise, Ralph Machio, Emilio Estevez, and C. Thomas Howell..............all together............in one room..........without me?????? So unfair.

10.In Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, when Kimberly and Zack first came on screen, and I desperately wanted to see their Megazords.

Side-by-sides of the original Pink and Black Power Rangers

Honorable mention goes to Tommy, the original Green Ranger, and his long hair.


11.In Hocus Pocus, when Max thought about Allison's yabbos, and so did I, but I also thought about Max thinking about Allison's yabbos, and, wow, now we're in a never-ending loop.

Max in bed hugging a pillow

Human-form Thackery Binx was on my radar as well.

Walt Disney Productions

12.In Batman and Robin, when Chris O'Donnell's bulging suit made me question everything, and I couldn't figure out who I wanted to kiss more between him and Uma Thurman.

Robin kissing Poison Ivy

When Robin pulled off those rubber lips to prove he was immune to Poison Ivy's deathly kiss??? I'm sorry, but if the two of them in this scene didn't make you question your sexuality then you're not human.

Warner Bros.

13.In Spy Kids, when Antonio Banderas and Carla Gugino were so freaking horny for each other the entire time, and it brought new meaning to the words "mommy" and "daddy."

Their two characters meeting and falling in love by the elevators

A formative moment for me was when Alexa Vega's character said "sh*t" and then tried to cover it up by saying "shiitake mushrooms." Don't ask why.

Dimension Films

14.In X2: X-Men United, when Shawn Ashmore blew on Hugh Jackman's soda bottle to make it colder, and I immediately thought of something else he could blow too.

Hugh and Shawn in the kitchen and wolverine thanks him for cooling the beer after blowing on it

Their sexual tension was so palpable that it almost made me forget about my undying thirst for James Marsden, Famke Janssen, and Halle Berry.

20th Century Fox

15.In Bring It On, when Gabrielle Union cheered her way right into my heart forever, and all the male cheerleaders...well...let's just say I wouldn't mind spotting them.

The cast from "Bring It On"

Eliza Dushku, you will always be famous!!!!

Universal Pictures

16.In Saved by the Bell, when Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez danced to "Barbara Ann" in those colorful shorts, and I suddenly forgot all about Kelly Kapowski.

Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar dancing and doing splits

When Mario Lopez did that split...hello.


17.In 13 Going on 30, when Jenna and Matty showed each other their Razzle-red tongues, and I immediately fell for them and their ridiculous onscreen chemistry.

Matty and Jenna showing off their Razzle-red tongues

That whole "Why Can't I?" montage that plays while the two of them shoot Jenna's new version of Poise magazine??? I melt EVERY time.

Sony Pictures Releasing

18.In 7th Heaven, when Jessica Biel said, "No thanks. I don't smoke," and the D.A.R.E. kid in me had never seen anything hotter...until Barry Watson and David Gallagher walked on the set.

All three siblings outside

This religious show made me have so many sinful thoughts. See you all in hell!

The CW

19.In Two of a Kind, when I was equally jealous of Mary-Kate for having Carey as a babysitter AND Taylor as a math tutor. Desperately needed them both, to be honest!

Carey and Taylor in "Two of a Kind"

I don't blame Ashley at all for wanting to switch places with Mary-Kate so she could get closer to Taylor. And don't even get me started on when he dressed as Leo DiCaprio in Titanic during the Halloween episode. My younger self was obsessed.


20.In Casper, when Casper came to life in the form of Devon Sawa, and I slowly realized that something else was coming to life inside of me, and it wasn't just because of Christina Ricci.

Casper and Kat dancing in the mansion

And don't even get me started on Devon in Little Giants.

Universal Pictures

21.In Full House, when I would have k*lled for Uncle Jesse to sing the "Teddy Bear" song to me in bed...and then I would have asked him to hop right in with me.

danny and the two uncles singing the teddy bear song to get michelle to sleep

Also, I was the ultimate goody-two-shoes while growing up, so when Gia appeared on screen as the ~bad girl~ I became VERY intrigued.


22.In Legally Blonde, when Elle talked about spending four amazing hours in the hot tub with Warner after Winter Formal, so ~I~ started thinking about spending four amazing hours in the hot tub with Warner.

Elle talking to Warner in the hallway telling warner that law school is better than the 4 hours they spent in the hot tub

I also would have settled for just joining Elle in the pool between takes of her video essay for Harvard.


23.In Motocrossed, when my apparently bi king Dean was 100% crushing on Andrea ~even though he thought she was a guy~, and I wanted to join both of them in that hot, sweaty lake.

Dean trying to get  Andrea into the lake and teasing her until she pushes him in

I love how Disney was like "let's remake Mulan but center it around the sport of motocross."

Disney Channel

24.In George of the Jungle, when Leslie Mann covered up Brendan Fraser's body with a book and a bowl, and I actually got a little jealous of two inanimate objects.

Leslie Mann covering up Brendan Fraser's body

We deserve an X-rated version of George of the Jungle.

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

25.In the TV movie version of Cinderella, when Brandy and Paolo Montalban's chemistry was SO electric that I wanted to ask a fairy godmother to make me their third.

the two characters when they first meet and then later getting married

The way they looked at each other??? Those smiles??? Heaven!

Walt Disney Pictures

26.In Home Improvement, literally any time Jonathan Taylor Thomas did anything.

Randy in the kitchen in a green sweater

The fact that I wanted one of those sweaters simply because Jonathan Taylor Thomas wore them in Home Improvement...absolutely toxic!


27.In Alley Cats Strike, when Kyle Schmid, Robert Ri'Chard, and Kaley Cuoco made bowling the hottest sport ever, and 10-year-old me wanted to 7-10 split them in half.

Kaley, Kyle, and Robert in "Alley Cats Strike"

Those three are the reasons why I had bowling birthday parties as a kid. (No, I was not cool!)

Disney Channel

28.In One on One, when Robert Ri'chard had that blonde hair...and that shirt...and also no shirt...and those lips...and, wow, I need a minute.

Robert Ri'chard and Kyla Pratt in "One on One"

Robert Ri'chard can still get it today, no surprise.


29.In The Sandlot, when I simultaneously thought about getting CPR from the hot lifeguard AND from Benny because, well, you know.

The lifeguard and Benny in "The Sandlot"

So many sexual awakenings in just one movie. Iconic.

20th Century Fox

30.In Titanic, when Jack put that c*garette between his lips after saving Rose, and I suddenly wanted him to draw me like one of his French girls.

Jack putting a cigarette in his mouth

Like??????? Just look at him!

20th Century Fox

31.In Step by Step, when Andrew Keegan guest-starred as Christine Lakin's boyfriend for two episodes, and I got butterflies in my stomach from both of them.

Both actors on set, outside, in a winter clothes

I randomly ran into Andrew Keegan a few years ago, and, yes, he was still fine as h*ck.


32.In both Xena: Warrior Princess and Young Hercules, when I simultaneously wanted to play-fight both Lucy Lawless and Ryan Gosling for, um, scientific purposes.

Lucy Lawless as Xena and Ryan Gosling as a young Hercules

I'd let both of them beat me up.

MCA TV / Fox Kids Network

33.And finally, in The Santa Clause, literally every single time Bernard appeared on the screen. Don't judge me!!!!

Bernard wearing a scarf

I have no real explanation for this one, but my thoughts about him would have put me on the naughty list for sure.

Walt Disney Pictures

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