30 Photos Of Super Nostalgic Things That'll Bring Back A Ton Of Memories To Any Boomer

1.Nestlé's Quik that came in a tin container and required a spoon to pop open its lid:


2.And Peter Pan Peanut Butter that game in a glass jar with a tin lid that was sometimes hard to grip:

  theoldbottleshop / Via etsy.com

3."Clicker" TV remotes:

boxy remote with only 4 buttons

4.The Ed Sullivan Show, which aired on Sunday nights:

ed with the beatles
Express Newspapers / Getty Images

5.Schwinn Sting-Ray bikes with the banana seats that everybody you knew seemed to own:

schwinn bike outside

6.Duck and cover drills, which were supposed to help you survive a nuclear attack...by hiding under your desk and covering your neck?

kids hiding under school desks
Graphicaartis / Getty Images

7.Having your sandwiches you brought for lunch be wrapped in waxed paper:

  Steven Gottlieb / Corbis via Getty Images
Steven Gottlieb / Corbis via Getty Images

8.Elaborate Jell-O desserts that were served at every party you went to:

jello dessert with fruit
Ac_bnphotos / Getty Images

9.And savory Jell-O being used to make Jell-O vegetable salads:

package of jell-o

10.Rolling Stone being a counterculture magazine:

someone reading an old rolling stone magazine
Christopher Simon Sykes / Getty Images

11.Bayer Aspirin packaged in tin pillboxes:


12.And Prell shampoo when it came in a glass covered bottle:

  Diamond Tooth Nell / Via etsy.com

13.Floor ashtrays that were perfect to put next to a chair or sofa that didn't have a side table:

tall ash tray table with a magazine rack on the base

14.Promotional 45 records that came on cereal boxes:

cereal boxes

15.Note pads that were hung on the wall next to the kitchen wall phone so that you could take a message or write down any information you needed:

someone on the phone taking notes
Harold M. Lambert / Getty Images

16.Colonel Sanders starring in Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials:

him in the commercial with dancers around
Roxanne Mccann / Getty Images

17.Mr. Whipple in the "Please, don't squeeze the Charmin!" Charmin commercials:

charmin toilet paper

18.Gas station attendants at full-service gas stations:

someone pumping gas into an old car
H. Armstrong Roberts / H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock / Getty Images

19.The little seats inside of phone booths so that people could sit down while they made a call:

row of people sitting in the phone booths
Bettmann / Bettmann Archive / Getty Images

20.Dr. Scholl's wooden Exercise Sandals that came in the distinctive almost Kodak yellow box:

the box of sandals

21.Electric skillet frying pans, which were the air fryers of its era:

  Graphicaartis / Getty Images
Graphicaartis / Getty Images

22.Bankbooks, that you would get the day you opened your account and allowed you to keep track of deposits and withdrawals:

dad and son looking at a bankbook
Harold M. Lambert / Getty Images

23.Built-in 8-track players in a car's center console:

closeup of the player in the car
Heritage Images / National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

24.Howard Johnson's restaurants, which were always a stop any time you went on a car trip:

the outside of the restaurant
Universal History Archive / Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

25.The slanted mirrors on the top of super market shelves that let you be able to see what was in the back:

someone grocery shopping
Classicstock / Getty Images

26.Super market clerks that would walk you out to your car if you needed help loading groceries into your car:

someone loading groceries in a car
Denver Post / Denver Post via Getty Images

27.Shopping for your Sunday best at Penneys:

outside of the store
Jack Riddle / Denver Post via Getty Images

28.Ben Franklin stores, which were the five and dime that carried all the art and crafts supplies, party supplies, and stationery you could want:

the store front
Joe Sohm / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

29.Coca-Cola machines that looked like this and sold you a Coke for a dime:

vending machine

30.And lastly, the TV test pattern screen that went up at midnight which meant that was the end of programming for day until the next morning:

wheel pattern graphic
Csa-printstock / Getty Images