3 things to know before you get this year’s #CoolGirlBob

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The #CoolGirlBob has taken over my Instagram feed - and consequently, my life.

Sported by the likes of Kaia Gerber (my personal inspo), Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa and 70 per cent of all Instagram influencers, the #CoolGirlBob has consumed me for months.

This is the #CoolGirlBob sported by Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber. Source: Instagram

My heart yearned for this haircut, but my head said, ‘What if you look like Lord Farquaad?’

Which, by the way, is a legitimate concern, because the last time I got the chop I (quite literally) looked like Lord Farquaad.

My eyeliner might be better, and Lord Farquaad's chest hairier. But what's actually going on here?

I deliberated over the chop for a year, but I finally booked my appointment.

I couldn’t sleep the night before. I stayed up all night like a kid excited for Disneyland.

But the day came. I sprinted from work to the salon blasting Eye of the Tiger to pump me up for what was to come.

My hairdresser, Anthony, made the first chop. I literally shrieked.

“Babe, it’s too late now,” he said.

Two hours and three glasses of white wine later, I did it - or, he did it.

This is me before with long (albeit split-endsy) hair.

“You won’t recognise yourself,” Anthony said.

And he was right. I loved my hair. So much so that I ignored my Uber driver on the drive home to take selfies in the backseat (I’m sorry David).

I finally embodied (from most angles) the #CoolGirl I’ve wanted to be.

Disclaimer: when I accidentally open front-camera from a low angle I could still be mistaken for Lord Farquaad.

If you too are thinking about getting the chop here are three things you absolutely must know:

Don’t go just anywhere

This is your face, people. Do not pick a random hairdresser you found off of Groupon to chop your locks and shape your face.

Instead, use Instagram to research local salons and see if you like what they do. If you like a particular cut, check which hairdresser did it, and take a look at their personal Instagrams to see if they show any more of their work.

When you call the salon, make sure you request that particular hairdresser. And, let them know what you’re going for - they might be able to point you in the direction of a different hairdresser that specialises in that kind of cut, and extend your appointment so you have time for a quick consult.

You have to listen to your hairdresser

This is tough, because you definitely know better than the hairdresser (who has been doing their job for 15+ years) and you want to tell them exactly what to do.

When I rocked up to Prema in Surry Hills, I told my hairdresser (bless his soul, Anthony) I wanted my hair to scrape just under my neck. Ten minutes later, Anthony had me convinced we had to go for collarbone-length as my natural hair would spring up shorter anyway.

Moral of the story? You’re not a hairdresser, and you don’t know best - unless you are, and you do.

This is me the night of, and then the morning after (with little effort).

There are still good days and bad days

As I said, I loved my look. Until I woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror and realised I looked like a weird 50s Stepford wife, but not hot.

Some dry shampoo, three hair flicks and a quick-fix with the straightener had me loving myself sick again - but the point is, there are still good days and bad days, just like there were before.

Just acknowledge you’re going to look your best the day of, and then work out your own ways to replicate that look as best as you can.

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