The 3 Rules Martha Stewart Lives By For Hosting Successful Parties

Martha Stewart smiling at event
Martha Stewart smiling at event - Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

Martha Stewart is the ultimate hostess, so if you are hosting a dinner party and want to do so like the media mogul, there are three rules you are going to have to follow. The domestic goddess took to her Reddit forum to answer questions about entertaining and when quizzed about her party rules, she revealed the tried and true musts she always adheres to in order to host a successful party. Stewart wrote, "1. Pay attention to your guests. 2. Interact with them. 3. Feed them fine food and wine."

The first rule Stewart shares seems pretty straightforward because you don't want to invite people over and ignore them, but this rule goes beyond just conversation. It's all about anticipating. You have to have an eye for the little things and pay attention to know if someone needs a refill on their drink or a second slice of pie. Stewart told House Beautiful that she also likes to make guests feel special with a unique drink.

"I like to come up with a signature cocktail that is fitting for the occasion—tying into the season, the setting, or the menu," Stewart explained. "The little touches make everyone feel special and that's the most important part of hosting."

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Get Your Guests Involved And Give Them Good Food

People sharing a meal together
People sharing a meal together - Filadendron/Getty Images

Stewart's second rule of interacting with guests seems like a no-brainer but, let's face it, hosting comes with a lot of responsibilities, especially if you are cooking and that can make it difficult to talk to everyone. The cookbook author explained in an NPR interview that she loves to talk to her guests and have them lend a hand in preparing. "I think if you have people involved — let them help you in the kitchen," she said.

Stewart is also a fan of playing games, especially if kids are at the festivities. Whether it's puzzles or a ping pong tournament, the domestic icon creates an atmosphere where everyone feels included and there are plenty of opportunities for fun interactions.

Her third rule is not to leave anyone hungry or thirsty, which means you should keep the wine and food coming when you are hosting a party. Stewart shared with the "On Air with Ryan Secrest" show that oftentimes we try to do too much or wait until the last minute, which is an absolute don't. She said you want to have some food prepared before the guests arrive so they can nosh while you cook. Lastly, if you're feeling stumped about which alcohol to have on hand, the entrepreneur suggests always having a white and light red wine option.

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