3 Reasons Why Temporary Hair Dye Might Be the Right Choice for You

Change doesn't need to last forever.

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When it comes to hair, change can be good. But change doesn’t have to last forever. One of the biggest trends in hair right now is temporary hair dye. It’s a great way to change your hair just a little bit without having to commit to something major (or long-term). You can also use these types of dyes to try a new color at home instead of going to a salon.

But is temporary hair dye right for you? Here’s what you need to know.

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It’s Ideal for Commitment Phobes

Want to avoid making a long-term change to your hair, but looking to do something a little different? You might want to consider trying temporary hair dye. “What is great about temporary hair dyes is that they won’t damage your hair or change the integrity of your hair. They are extremely low-commitment and wash out with shampoo,” says Karina Lutzy, vice president of innovation and marketing for dpHUE.

There are many different types of products in the temporary hair dye category—all of which serve a slightly different purpose, including sprays, chalks, sticks, crayons, mascaras, gels, and powders.

Want to Cover Grays? Hop on Board the Temporary Hair Dye Train

Gray hair can be frustrating for some, even if you have just a few strands. A temporary dye can provide a quick and easy fix if you'd prefer to cover your grays. “DpHUE has the Color Touch Up Spray, which is an aerosol spray that helps to cover grays,” says Lutzy. “Our spray has a dual actuator that allows for a wider spray pattern to cover larger areas and a directional option that targets smaller areas.”

You can also try a powder, such as Wow! Root Coverup. Easy to apply on the go, you can stash this product in your makeup bag and apply it in a similar way to eyeshadow.

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Not Sure if Pink Hair Is the Right Choice? Temporary Dye Is for You

Have you been thinking about trying bold colors such as pink or purple but are not quite ready to take the plunge? You might want to try a temporary product, such as Hally Shade Stix, which can create one-day fun highlights. This product is also formulated without chemicals like ammonia or sulfates, so it won’t damage your hair.

A temporary dye such as Hally’s Color Cloud looks more like a traditional dye but washes out with shampoo. This easy-to-apply, foaming dye lasts four to six weeks. Like Shade Stix, it won’t damage your hair.

But Temporary Hair Dye Isn’t for Everyone

Keep in mind that not all hair types are suitable for this type of product, says Lutzy. “Although the dyes are temporary, if you have very porous or damaged hair, the dyes can stay on for a few shampoos. Just keep that in mind before applying those super vibrant colors!”

If your hair isn’t in the best condition and you really want to make a change, it’s better to be safe than sorry—make an appointment and have your hair professionally dyed at a salon. 

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