This 3-Ingredient Filipino Drink Is The Perfect Thirst Quencher Before Melon Season Ends — And It Takes Less Than 15 Minutes To Make

Hi! I'm Dannica, I'm Filipina, and cantaloupe juice has been one of my favorite drinks since, like, ever. I'm sure other countries have their own variation of cantaloupe juice, but in the Philippines, we call it Melon sa Malamig — or, for short, Melon.

A glass of Melon is surrounded by cantaloupe rinds

During the summertime, my mom makes Melon and serves it to my siblings and me in tall glasses paired with spoons and straws. Made by shredding a ripe cantaloupe into beautiful ribbons, Melon is my ultimate comfort drink — it's so refreshing, so sweet, and so delicious. Honestly, the only time you'll catch cantaloupe near my mouth is when I'm drinking Melon. (I hate eating it in chunks, IDK why). And whenever I head to a local Filipino shop, I always look to see if I can grab a cup of Melon to quench my thirst and — not even being corny — relive the feelings of childhood.

The author is mixing a pitcher of Melon

Not only is this Melon recipe — made with three ingredients — perfect to ride out the warmer weather and a great way to take advantage of melon season, but it also makes a pitcher's worth of juice, making it ideal for get-togethers and for sipping throughout the week. And the best part? It takes less than 15 minutes to make! Now, if you're ready to potentially inadvertently consume an entire cantaloupe, let's get on with my mom's Melon recipe. As I mentioned, you only need three ingredients: a ripe cantaloupe, white granulated sugar, and water.

The ingredients for the Melon drink is laid out: a cantaloupe and white sugar. Not pictured is water

The water is not pictured because, well, the water comes directly from my fridge.

Dannica Ramirez / BuzzFeed

STEP 1: Cut your cantaloupe in half and scoop out the seeds. I used an ice cream scooper, but you can definitely just use a regular spoon. If there are some seed stragglers, it's OK! As for the melon guts, you can go ahead and trash 'em.

The author is scooping out the seeds from the cantaloupe

Taking out the seeds of this melon felt as if I was pregaming for Halloween pumpkin carvings, so if you're looking for ways to get into the spooky-season mood, crack open a melon.

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STEP 2: Shred the melon. This is the most tedious part of the recipe, just because you're essentially ripping through the entire cantaloupe. There are a couple of ways you can get the lovely cantaloupe ribbons, but the two easiest methods are by using either a fork or a "melon grater."

The author is holding up a fork and a melon grater above a cut cantaloupe on a plate

As you're shredding the melon, have your pitcher next to you so that you can fill it with the cantaloupe ribbons as you go along. As you're shredding, the melon juice will also come out, so you can empty all that good stuff into the pitcher as well. Scrape your fork or melon grater all along the sides and the bottom of the cantaloupe, making sure you get everything. In this economy, we gotta get our money's worth.

The author is scraping out the melon; the annotation reads, "Juice!!"
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For comparison, here's what the ribbons look like using the melon grater versus a fork:

The author is comparing the ribbons of a melon grater with those from a fork

It's definitely much easier using the melon grater, thanks to the tiny holes the tool has, but using a fork works also! If you don't mind having wider ribbons, you can even use a spoon.

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After you've shredded up both halves of the melon, your pitcher should be almost full with juice and cantaloupe ribbons.

The author is showing the pitcher after scraping out the melon and its juice

The orange color is so gorgeous! It's giving cantaloupe couture. Melon maquillage.

Dannica Ramirez / BuzzFeed

STEP 3: Add 2 cups of water to the pitcher. Adding in water helps to mellow out the strong melon flavor while also adding more volume.

The author is pouring water into the pitcher
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STEP 4: Add a ½ cup of sugar and mix thoroughly. Of course, feel free to add as little or as much sugar as you prefer! I personally don't like my Melon too sweet, so a ½ cup was just the right amount for my taste.

The author is pouring sugar into the pitcher and stirring

If you don't want to use sugar as a sweetener, you can also try using honey or agave.

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And you're done! Chill your Melon pitcher in the fridge or, if you're like me and can't wait, get some ice in a glass, pour some juice in there, and use a spoon or ladle to scoop in some of those yummy cantaloupe ribbons.

The author is holding up her glass of Melon

Use a straw to sip on the juice, then use a spoon to munch on the cantaloupe strings!

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Whether you're still trying to keep cool from the sizzling heat (I live in California, where summer basically lasts until November), you want to make the most out of melon season before it ends, or you're looking to try a quick and easy Filipino recipe, Melon is the way to go!

The author is taking selfies with her and her Melon drink; the right photo reads, "This mug is meant for beer lol" while the right panel rights, "Having a photoshoot with my Melon for the culture"

If you've tried Melon before, what do you think of it? Do you have a favorite Filipino dish? Let me know in the comments! And if you do end up trying out this recipe, share your thoughts with me!