Man pays respects to his late parents, but it goes terribly wrong

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Paying respects to late family and friends is typically a solemn and peaceful moment, however, that wasn’t exactly the case for this man who tried to lay flowers into the ocean in memory of his parents.

Seemingly amused by the ordeal, the man’s son Josh Smoot, posted the clip to YouTube with the caption, “My Dad went to go lay flowers in the water where his parent’s ashes were spread. It was meant to be serious, solemn, respectful. This is what happened.”

In the footage, the man can be seen walking into the water, flowers in hand, with the intention of laying them gracefully amongst the waves where his parents’ ashes were spread.

It all started smoothly with a bouquet of flowers in hand. Source: YouTube/Josh Smoot

However, just moments after he entered the water, he is completely swept off his feet and seen tumbling head first into the waves not that far from the shoreline.

Still determined, the man attempted to stand up and keep going, but the ocean just wasn’t on his side and instead continued to knock him down over and over again.

After quite the struggle, the man ended up dismally flicking what was left of the floating flowers which had already been scattered by the breaking waves.

He started to take a tumble before things really took a turn for the worse. Source: YouTube/Josh Smoot

Pointing out the irony, one user who saw the video on Reddit commented, “Well, he did get the flower in the water.”

While another went on to offer positive encouragement despite the failed attempt, “I would think this is their way of telling him thanks, but don’t take life to seriously and always smile when we cross your mind. If you believe in that sort of thing.”

And when you look at it that way it makes it easier to see the funny side. 

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