$29 Kmart gadget wins over sceptical mum: 'Changed woman!'

Gillian Wolski
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One mum who was admittedly “on the fence” about the quality of Kmart’s sausage roll maker is now a “changed woman” after giving it a go herself.

Adele, from Adelaide, was gifted the $29 gadget and was initially sceptical about how well it would perform — there’s nothing worse than a soggy sausage roll after all.

Kmart sausage roll maker in use
One mum is a "changed woman" after trying out the Kmart sausage roll maker. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

She tells Yahoo Lifestyle that, after testing out a couple of recipes, she was blown away by how quick, easy, mess-free and most importantly yummy they turned out.

First Adele made a round of pasties which were a hit with her two kids then she went for round two with some sausage rolls just to make sure it wasn’t a one-off success.

“Again they were perfect so I know it’s not a fluke,” she says.

To make her pasties, Adele combined beef mince and Coles mixed veggies with eggs and breadcrumbs. For a bit of flavour, she threw in salt and pepper plus garlic powder, onion flakes and — her secret ingredient — a bit of curry powder.


Sausage rolls on a cooling rack
From sausage rolls to pasties and apple pies, the gadget is a hit. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

Making sure everything was mixed well she shaped the filling into rolls, popped a sheet of puff pastry into the maker, added the rolls then covered them with another sheet and clamped the lid down.

“I didn’t actually time it but I would say 10 minutes cooking for four of the rolls but for the first I cut one in half on the maker just in case it wasn’t yet cooked through,” she says.

By her second round, Adele had figured out that she didn’t need to cut the pastry into two pieces but could simply ‘fold’ the top over once the fillings were in place.

Others on Facebook were similarly impressed with the cheap-and-cheerful appliance’s performance.

“Awesome that they fit a pastry sheet perfectly. Much better than wasting with the pie maker. I must get my hands on one!” one wrote.

“I brought one and make spinach and cheese rolls. I agree it works a treat. Much better than I ever expected,” another weighed in.

Product shot of the Kmart Sausage roll maker
The kitchen essential is just $29 at Kmart. Photo: Facebook (supplied).

“Good preparation will make this super easy for even the most time-poor people,” Adele says.

“I made them into little logs and had them on a plate so once the first batch was cooked I was almost instantly prepared for the next,” she adds.

But don’t go too crazy with the filling, Adele warns, as too much will just leak out the sides. And avoid opening the maker too early as this “breaks the steam seal and your fillings can come out.”

Next on the menu are pizza pockets and, if Adele’s hubby gets his way, McDonald’s-style apple pies.

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