This New $29.99 ALDI Appliance Is So Easy To Use—It's Perfect

It cooks my family's favorite foods in minutes.

<p>Simply Recipes / Getty Images</p>

Simply Recipes / Getty Images

The air fryer I’ve had for the last several years is a big, honking machine that weighs a ton. I don’t have room for it in my kitchen, so I store it on a shelf in my basement.

It can air fry an entire chicken, which I’ve done exactly one time. I mostly use it to reheat fries and pizza slices, and because it's so huge and heavy, I often just warm things up in the microwave instead.

That’s why I was so excited to see that ALDI is selling the cutest little air fryers.

ALDI's new Ambiano air fryer is perfectly sized and costs $29.99. Its footprint is 7.5 inches square and it stands 9.5 inches tall, which means it actually fits on a shelf in my kitchen. Though it’s pint-sized, it’s pretty roomy inside—its volume is just over eight cups. That means you can reheat a heck of a lot of French fries.

Besides the tray, which is more like a large cup, there’s a little removable rack on the bottom, which lets the oil drain away from greasy foods. It only has two knobs—one for time, the other for temperature—so it’s straightforward to use.

<p>Simply Recipes / ALDI</p>

Simply Recipes / ALDI

The air fryer's top temperature is 400°F, perfect for crisping almost any food you'd care to cook in it. It’s also pretty powerful. The suggested cooking time for fries is 20 to 30 minutes, but they cook way faster if you don’t fill it up to the max. For two servings of fries, it only took 10 minutes. The first time I reheated fries, they were burnt at 20 minutes, so I would check it a couple of times when you’re cooking so you don’t overcook your food.

I’ve also used it to reheat pizza—you have to ensure the slices are small enough to fit—and those cook up in about five minutes at 400°F. The air fryer is also the perfect size to warm up a slice or two of apple pie before topping it with ice cream.

It’s also ideal for making four servings of vegetables like green beans, broccoli, or asparagus. I usually spritz them with a little olive oil and then season them before air frying them to perfection in just minutes.

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This product is an ALDI Find, which are limited-time and inventory items that the store rotates onto its shelves every week. They come and go quickly—and sometimes return. Keep an eye out, but it's possible your local ALDI may have sold out or no longer carry the product.

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