25 Actors Who Absolutely Lost It During These Hilarious TV And Movie Scenes

1.In the Barbie movie, there's a hilarious scene when Barbie finally agrees to be Ken's "long-term, long-distance, low-commitment casual girlfriend." Ken plays it cool but then excuses himself to yell "SUBLIME!" behind a wall.

ken saying, will you hold on for a second, then goes behind the wall and yells, sublime!
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Well, as it turns out, Ryan Gosling improvised a few different versions of this line — and they all made the cast and crew (and even director Greta Gerwig) crack up. The biggest offender? "Her milkshake brings this boy to the yard," which had everyone, including Margot Robbie, in fits.

ryan trying different lines as the cast and crew laugh
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2.It also looks like Ryan and Margot kept collapsing into giggles during the scene where Ken tries to kiss Barbie near the beginning of the film.

the two leaning in to kiss and then laughing
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The bloopers aren't *officially* released yet, but you can catch Margot laughing at "SUBLIME!" — and the kiss — here.

3.Brad Pitt was having wayyy too much fun while shooting Bullet Train. He cracks up in most of the bloopers, but especially this one scene with Brian Tyree Henry.

their characters talking to each other on the train
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As to why he kept laughing so much? "First of all, he's a chump, and the chump is the most fun role to play hands down," Pitt said of playing the character. "Everyone here is such a high degree of talent that we had a lot of good laughs. I surely had a lot of good laughs."

brad laughing in between delivering his lines
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4.My personal favorite Bullet Train blooper is from when Tangerine (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Lemon (Brian Tyree Henry) try to hide the fact that The Son is dead with anime glasses.

the two characters putting glasses and making the son look like he's asleep on the train
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The glasses refuse to stay put on Logan Lerman's head, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyree Henry keep cracking up as they attempt to fix them — with Lerman unable to help but join in, even though his character is supposed to be dead.

Brian turning away to hide his laughter and aaron trying to keep logan's head straight
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You can watch the bloopers here (at 1:46 and 0:15)

5.In 2021, Jerry Seinfeld revealed that "the hardest scene to film on Seinfeld without laughing" was the scene in which a "library cop" interrogates him about a book he didn't return. "It was just so ridiculous that he was interrogating me in my own apartment about a book. I just kept cracking up,” Seinfeld said. “So that scene that you see is made up of about eight different times we shot it. We took the pieces that worked and put it together because I messed that one up a ton.”

the library cop interrogating jerry and telling him not to laugh because it's serious

You can watch the full scene here:

6.In a funny This Is 40 scene, Melissa McCarthy's character berates and threatens Leslie Mann, Paul Rudd, and Joanne Baron.

Melissa says she'd like to jackknife her legs and kick them in the fucking jaw, and this is what happens when you corner a rat
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But as an extended version of the scene that plays during the credits reveals, McCarthy said a ton of stuff that wasn't in the final cut. And Mann and Rudd absolutely could not keep it together.

The cast laughing as Melissa says increasingly awful things, like slit someone open like a fish and drink their blood, and rip Karen Carpenter's head off
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Watch the extended scene here:

7.One funny moment from Season 2 of The Umbrella Academy is when Luther farts in the elevator, garnering disgust from his siblings. Aidan Gallagher (who plays Five) said filming it was the funniest on-set moment of the season, and Tom Hopper (who plays Luther) said that David Castañeda (who plays Diego) couldn't film it without laughing. "The elevator scene up to the tiki bar always sticks in my head. I mean, I don't actually think we got a clean take with David."

People in the elevator laughing and then running out after Luther says "Sorry, I'm nervous"

Castañeda pointed out that he just hangs his head and laughs in the take, while everyone else is covering their nose and mouth and acting annoyed.


You can get a taste of what it was like to film the scene in one of the bloopers, where Robert Sheehan, as Klaus, did a little improv and the whole cast broke.

Robert says "Luther, that smells amazing" and everyone laughs

See a blooper of the scene here:

8.In one of Jason's best lines on The Good Place, the always-evil Shawn refuses to work with the group, and Jason claims that Shawn has "changed."

Jason says "You used to be cool, but you've changed, man"

But the bloopers reveal the cast could barely get through the line without laughing, and Michael Schur, the show's creator, said the actors were laughing at the line “for three and a half minutes” straight. Apparently, Ted Danson laughed so hard, he cried.

The cast cracking up at various times after "Shawn, you used to be cool, but you've changed"

9.And when Shawn finally does agree to work with them, he hilariously struggles to say it out loud to his subordinates.

Shawn struggling to say "Michael and I are going to be working together"

As you can see, Marc Evan Jackson, who played Shawn, also had trouble getting through the line — because he kept laughing at his own attempts at gagging and struggling through the line.

Marc laughing as he tries to say "Michael and I are actually going to be"

See the bloopers for both scenes at 3:34 and 1:43, respectively:

10.The cast of Parks and Recreation did lots of improv, and while a lot of it did end up in the final cut, not all of it did. Take this scene where Andy and April go to the doctor, and Andy lists a bunch of concerns he has.

andy saying he once at a twix with the wrapper and he's never seen the wrapper come out

In the bloopers of the scene, Andy says much more, including this great line about "wiping a marker" — it's so funny that Aubrey Plaza, as April, has to turn away from the camera, then completely gives up at the end and laughs as the crew starts laughing, too.

Andy says sometimes when he wipes, he'll wipe and wipe and wipe and "still poop" as Aubrey laughs

Watch the blooper here:

11.Similarly, Retta couldn't get through this scene with Ben Schwartz, who played Jean-Ralphio, where he describes what they'll do at the club together.

Ben says his lines, including "Now everybody's watching us" and says how it's eventually just the two of them naked on the dance floor, as Retta laughs

Watch the blooper here:

12.One last Parks and Rec one: There's a funny line in a later season where Craig announces that his young friend drove him to work (despite being underage and unable to drive).

Craig introduces his friend Madison, says she's amazing "and she drove me here!"

The scene was much longer in the bloopers, with the other actors goading Craig into saying the line over and over again. Except for one problem: none of them can keep a straight face.

Everyone sitting around the table and trading lines, including "Craig, I might need a ride back home; could you drive me back to my place?" and laughing
NBC / Via youtube.com

Watch the scene here:

13.In Season 2 of Stranger Things, there's a scene where Hopper decides to tell Mike there's something wrong with his grandma and he needs to go home immediately, purely because he's annoyed with Mike and El's behavior.

Harper says "It's your grandma" to Mike and Eleven, who are sitting on a bed

The scene is funny in that we know there's nothing wrong with Mike's grandma and Hopper's just being Hopper, but David Harbour seemed to find it MUCH funnier than anyone else. He could barely get out the words "It's your grandma," causing his young castmates to crack up too.

David repeatedly cracking up after saying "It's your grandma" and Finn Wolfhard and Millie Bobby Brown laughing too and asking "What's wrong with you?"

Watch the blooper here:

14.There were two more moments in Season 4 that the cast really struggled with. The first one is when Dustin lied to the cops about why they were at the lake.

they say they were going for a little night swim

Gaten Matarazzo couldn't seem to get through the high-pitched line, especially because it looks like Caleb McLaughlin kept laughing or making him laugh every take.

him repeating the line while lauging and then saying, just recast me

15.The second is Argyle's line, "I know a magical place that has all you need, my brave, little superpowered friend. That mind fight is on."

argyle saying the line

Eduardo Franco, who plays Argyle, had a little trouble getting through the line, but it was Charlie Heaton who lost it every time.

charlie laughing in the background

You can watch both in the bloopers here (the first is at 1:35 and the second is at 3:01)

16.In another normally serious show, Better Call Saul, there's a lighter moment in Season 2 when Saul uses Kim's finger to brush his teeth. He then says, "Wait till you see what I floss with," which causes Kim to laugh. Answering a fan on Twitter, the actor, Rhea Seehorn, said her laugh was real and that she laughed at the line every single take.

Saul and Kim are flossing at the bathroom mirror, and Rhea start laughing about Bob Odenkirk says "Wait till you see what I floss with"

17.In The Usual Suspects, the lineup scene was meant to be serious. “We were supposed to be very stoic, very unimpressed, unintimidated,” Kevin Pollak, who played Hockney, said. But “we would lose it over and over and over.” Pollak also claimed in the DVD commentary that part of the reason they laughed was that Benicio del Toro "farted like 12 takes in a row."

After "Number 3, step forward" line, Benicio starts talking, a costar hits him and laughs, and he says "Hand me the fucking keys, you cocksucker; what the fuck?"
Gramercy Pictures / Spelling Films International / Columbia TriStar Film Distributors International

Watch the scene here:

18.In an old example, Don Knotts kept laughing during this scene on The Andy Griffith Show — they had to reshoot it 20 times because he couldn't keep a straight face. In the final cut, he keeps it together, but you can see Andy Griffith laughing.

Don says "The minute it looks like there's gonna be trouble, we gotta nip it; nip it in the bud!" And Andy laughs as he says it again

You can watch the scene here:

19.On their podcast Office Ladies, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey revealed that John Krasinski would often break character and laugh — particularly during one episode: "The Secret." In the episode, Michael (played by Steve Carell) knows Jim (Krasinski) has a crush on Pam and keeps trying to talk to him about it. "This whole episode, John had to do a lot of scenes with Steve and he really loses it," Fischer said, pointing to the scene when Michael tries to talk to Jim at the venting machines while Stanley is there.

michael telling jim that they're talking in code

"In that scene, John could not stop laughing. He could not stop laughing," Fischer said.


20.While you can't see it in the final cut, he also kept laughing when Michael put his foot on Jim's desk to ask him to lunch. "John lost it," Fischer said. "And part of it, too, was that desk is so high and it was not easy for Steve to put his leg up there, but he was super committed to the bit. It was something he just came up with, and it made John laugh, so he just kept doing it." Krasinski also kept laughing at the end of the episode when Carell hugged him. "John couldn’t handle it. He couldn't handle it," Fischer revealed.

Steve putting his foot on the desk where John is sitting and then Steve hugging John

You can watch the first scene (plus a little extra) below, or check out the full episode on Peacock (it's Season 2, Episode 13):

21.Ed Helms had the same problem in a different episode of The Office. When Kevin is sitting on Michael's lap when he's playing Santa, Helms keeps laughing, and in the final cut, he said, he actually ended up ducking behind a plant to hide it. You don't see the plant, but you can see him smile, and then, in the next wide shot, he's not there anymore. This was apparently also the 30th take because the cast kept laughing.

Arrow pointing to Ed smiling as Brian Baumgartner as Kevin sits on "Santa's" lap in one scene and then Ed is gone in next shot

Watch the scene here:

22.One of the most well-known scenes on Friends is the "Pivot!" couch scene. Well, it turns out that the actors found it just as funny.

Ross saying "Pivot!" repeatedly as they try to get a couch up the stairs

In bloopers for the scene, all three actors keep laughing as they try to do the scene, with David Schwimmer imitating his "Pivot" line and collapsing in stitches.

David, Matthew Perry, and Jennifer Aniston cracking up on the stairs

Watch the blooper here:

23.In the scene where Ross plays bagpipes for everyone in Friends, you can actually see Jennifer Aniston breaking character as Phoebe starts singing.

Ross tells them to sing along, and Jennifer laughs as she sits next to Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe

But in the bloopers, you can see it wasn't just Jen — they all burst out laughing and then struggled to keep it together.

Ross playing the bagpipes as the entire main cast — including Courteney Cox as Monica — cracks up

Watch the blooper here:

24.One last Friends one — in the scene where Ross and Rachel's sex tape is discovered, when Rachel moves to destroy the tape, it turns out everyone was struggling to get through the scene.

rachel is about to step on the tape and everyone gets up to stop her

"Every time I went to take the tape and step my foot on it, all of your reactions were like, 'No, no, no, no, no!' That took us about 45 minutes, just that piece to shoot, because the laughing, we couldn’t stop it," Anniston told Marie Claire.

the cast yelling gibberish and laughing

You can watch the blooper at 7:11 here.

25.And finally, this isn't a blooper — and the laughter was in the script — but the degree to which Rue McClanahan and Bea Arthur utterly lose it while Betty White is explaining the "herring war" on The Golden Girls has often been cited as one of the series' most hilarious examples of Betty White cracking everyone else up.

Rue and Bea either looking down or the other direction to avoid laughing at Betty White

Watch the scene here:

What's your favorite line or scene that even the actors cracked up during? Let us know in the comments below!