25 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are 100% Ridiculous And 100% Perfect

1.Oh, hello. Welcome to a post that does nothing but celebrate dogs.

dog with its tongue out

2.Their radiating joy.

puppy jumping into a pile of leaves with its ear out to the side

3.Their majesty.

poodle balancing on a fire hydrant

4.Their version of "respecting" your "personal space."

dog laying right on top of a person

5.Their endearing desperation.

dog with wide eyes eating peanut butter

6.The chaotic situations they inevitably end up in.

small dog being trampled on by a larger dog

7.Let's be real, they do pretty much do whatever they want, wherever they want.

dog half way on the couch

8.And no matter how absurd it is, it's somehow also completely adorable.

large dog in a small dog bed while a larger one is right next to it

9.They're endlessly expressive.

dog on a camera roll with various expressions

10.And always looking for a good time.

dog getting water from the hose

11.Sure, their methods may be...unusual.

dog going down the stairs on their belly

12.Even ludicrous.

dog sitting on another dog's head

13.It may seem like their actions make literally no sense.

dog trying to eat a metal pipe d

14.Frankly, trying to decipher their every move is a fool's errand.

dog peeking out from behind another's long fur

15.But while their logic may be strange, ridiculous dog logic, they still make it work!

16.They're constant companions.

poodle hugging its owner on the couch

17.Accompanying you through life's most important moments.

dog looks like he's grimacing

18.Always there to help.

dog with a hammer in its mouth

19.To comfort.

small dog in someone's pants as they use the restaurant

20.To confound.

dog in a box

21.To inspire.

dog balancing a beer on its head

22.Even if their intentions aren't always clear.

dog looking shocked

23.They are, and will forever remain, totally pure.

dog smelling a flower with their teeth showing

24.And forever loyal.

dog with the kids and human in the leaves

25.In a time of great confusion, grief, and isolation, we should all be more grateful than ever for the steadfast companionship of humanity's best friend — dogs.

dog peeking its head from under a fence