25 Photos Of Nostalgic Things That Will Be Instantly Recognizable To Anyone Over The Age Of 35

1.This exact alarm clock that your parents had in their bedroom and that gave a bright red glow:

Old chunky alarm clock radio

2.This VHS edition of the original Star Wars trilogy:

VHS box set

3.And the wild number of The Phantom Menace toys that were on the shelves when the movie was released:

Star Wars toys on display in a store
Jonathan Elderfield / Getty Images

4.These water bottles that had the thick plastic straws that made everything taste plasticky:

The Simpsons plastic water bottle with straw

5.Cherry Coke that came in this can design:

A red-and-black can of Cherry Coke

6.Vending machines that had the large buttons to push:

Old vending machine soft drink options like Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, 7Up, and Sunkist

7.The Forrest Gump soundtrack, which was a double CD that your boomer parents listened to on repeat:

2-CD set of the Forrest Gump soundtrack

8.Anne Geddes books, which your mom or grandma would display on their coffee table:

Cover of Anne Geddes's Down in the Garden Alphabet Book

9.These acrylic cube photo frames that usually sat on your parents' dresser and had photos in them that were at least a decade old:

A "photo showcase" cube

10.Pizza Hut when it was a sit-down restaurant:

Teenagers at a Pizza Hut table with a checkered tablecloth
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

11.The massage chairs inside the Sharper Image store at the mall:

Two men sitting in the massage chairs with a pinball machine right next to them
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

12.KB Toys stores and their distinctive blue checkout counters:

A cashier at the KB Toys cash register helping someone
Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

13.When the homepage of iTunes looked like this:

Chunky iTunes website design showing Eminem at the top
Getty Images

14.The bike aisle in Toys R Us and the strong smell of rubber that you would get if you walked through it:

Aisle of bikes
Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

15.When Subway restaurants had subway maps as wallpaper:

inside a Subway store with old NYC subway map and city images as wallpaper
Mark Peterson / Corbis via Getty Images

16.The giant toaster that would warm up your subs at Quiznos:

Large oven containing many open sandwiches on rolls and heroes
Ilgan Sports / Multi-Bits via Getty Images

17.NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges that were usually gray and would give out a warm, plasticky smell after you played with them:

Pile of game cartridges
Robtek / Getty Images

18.Boom boxes that looked like this and made you feel as if you had the HEIGHT of technology:

Huge boom box

19.The phenomenon that was the Wonderbra, and seeing billboards for it everywhere:

Store with a large ad for "The One and Only Wonderbra" and bras on display
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

20.Spacemaker pencil boxes, which would literally explode if you accidentally dropped them:

Plastic container box

21.The neon lights at the back of the Target store:

Aisles inside a Target store showing neon green lights on the wall
Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

22.The microwave popcorn you'd get while checking out your videos at Blockbuster:

Blockbuster Video Microwave Popcorn package

23.School milk that came in those always hard-to-open paper cartons:

Badly opened carton of milk

24.Lunchables, which made you feel so gourmet whenever you brought one to school:

Lunchables Lean Turkey Breast package
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

25.And lastly, TVs that were like 18 inches, had terrible resolution, and somehow weighed 35 pounds:

Large chunky, cathode ray TV
Naumoid / Getty Images/iStockphoto