25 Photos Of Nostalgic Things That Will Be Instantly Recognizable To Anyone Over The Age Of 35

1.This exact alarm clock that your parents had in their bedroom and that gave a bright red glow:

Old chunky alarm clock radio
@jeffmartin47 / Via reddit.com

2.This VHS edition of the original Star Wars trilogy:

VHS box set

3.And the wild number of The Phantom Menace toys that were on the shelves when the movie was released:

Star Wars toys on display in a store
Jonathan Elderfield / Getty Images

4.These water bottles that had the thick plastic straws that made everything taste plasticky:

The Simpsons plastic water bottle with straw
Peterrabbit86 / Via etsy.com

5.Cherry Coke that came in this can design:

A red-and-black can of Cherry Coke
u/mnitsch56 / Via reddit.com

6.Vending machines that had the large buttons to push:

Old vending machine soft drink options like Dr Pepper, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Diet Coke, 7Up, and Sunkist
u/ROCKY13573 / Via reddit.com

7.The Forrest Gump soundtrack, which was a double CD that your boomer parents listened to on repeat:

2-CD set of the Forrest Gump soundtrack

8.Anne Geddes books, which your mom or grandma would display on their coffee table:

Cover of Anne Geddes's Down in the Garden Alphabet Book
BOMAJTreasuresZE / Via etsy.com

9.These acrylic cube photo frames that usually sat on your parents' dresser and had photos in them that were at least a decade old:

A "photo showcase" cube
Recy / Via etsy.com

10.Pizza Hut when it was a sit-down restaurant:

Teenagers at a Pizza Hut table with a checkered tablecloth
The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

11.The massage chairs inside the Sharper Image store at the mall:

Two men sitting in the massage chairs with a pinball machine right next to them
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

12.KB Toys stores and their distinctive blue checkout counters:

A cashier at the KB Toys cash register helping someone
Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

13.When the homepage of iTunes looked like this:

Chunky iTunes website design showing Eminem at the top
Getty Images

14.The bike aisle in Toys R Us and the strong smell of rubber that you would get if you walked through it:

Aisle of bikes
Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

15.When Subway restaurants had subway maps as wallpaper:

inside a Subway store with old NYC subway map and city images as wallpaper
Mark Peterson / Corbis via Getty Images

16.The giant toaster that would warm up your subs at Quiznos:

Large oven containing many open sandwiches on rolls and heroes
Ilgan Sports / Multi-Bits via Getty Images

17.NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges that were usually gray and would give out a warm, plasticky smell after you played with them:

Pile of game cartridges
Robtek / Getty Images

18.Boom boxes that looked like this and made you feel as if you had the HEIGHT of technology:

Huge boom box

19.The phenomenon that was the Wonderbra, and seeing billboards for it everywhere:

Store with a large ad for "The One and Only Wonderbra" and bras on display
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

20.Spacemaker pencil boxes, which would literally explode if you accidentally dropped them:

Plastic container box
u/Sea-Constant-9251 / Via reddit.com

21.The neon lights at the back of the Target store:

Aisles inside a Target store showing neon green lights on the wall
Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

22.The microwave popcorn you'd get while checking out your videos at Blockbuster:

Blockbuster Video Microwave Popcorn package
u/--enso-- / Via reddit.com

23.School milk that came in those always hard-to-open paper cartons:

Badly opened carton of milk
u/Ok-Tax5517 / Via reddit.com

24.Lunchables, which made you feel so gourmet whenever you brought one to school:

Lunchables Lean Turkey Breast package
San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

25.And lastly, TVs that were like 18 inches, had terrible resolution, and somehow weighed 35 pounds:

Large chunky, cathode ray TV
Naumoid / Getty Images/iStockphoto