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Smoky BBQ Veggie Burgers

These burgers are made with mashed chickpeas, quinoa, flavorful spices, and an easy-to-make vegan BBQ sauce. They taste as good as the real deal, minus the meat.

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Grill Like a Pro! 49 Foolproof Grilling Recipes For Complete Beginners

"Grilling" and "intimidating" don't have to be part of the same sentence. If you're a complete beginner, look no further than these easy grilling recipes anyone can master, from basic grilled shrimp to juicy grilled chicken and grilled vegetable kebabs perfect for your roommates and family. Throwing vegetables and meat on the grill gives your food that irreplaceable flavor that won't be achieved from roasting, and you'll convince yourself you're an actual pro after trying out these foolproof ideas. This summer, crank up the grill and discover a whole list of new recipes you'll want to make every season from here on out.

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