Burning Man Was Interrupted By Heavy Rains And Mud — And These 24 Photos Show The Reality Of What's Happening

1. This week, an estimated 73,000 people descended upon Black Rock City, Nevada, to attend Burning Man — a countercultural event that encourages communal living, self-reliance, and art.

Aerial view of Black Rock City
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2. It was scheduled to run from Aug. 27 to Sept. 4, but the events have been derailed by heavy rains in the area.

Black Rock City sign
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3. The National Weather Service suggested in a report that 0.8 inches of rain fell between Friday afternoon when it started and Saturday morning, per CNN.

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4. That's an estimated two to three months' worth of rain for Black Rock during this time of year.

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5. Now, the desert floor is usually rock-solid:

Burning Man festivities
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6. But all the rain caused it to turn into a sloppy, muddy mess.

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7. Moving through it was practically impossible.

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8. Leading organizers to cut off all travel to and from the site for non-emergency vehicles.

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9. They also told attendees to shelter in place and "conserve food, water, and fuel."

Burning Man grounds
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10. Some tried to wait it out...

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11. ...hunkering down in their tents...

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12. ...and using Porta Potties that had overflowed.

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13. Others decided to walk out.

People at Burning Man
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14. They hoped to get to a main road for transport, but many struggled to get through the sticky, ankle-high mud.

People at Burning Man

15. Two people described the trek as "harrowing" and "pure hell."

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16. "Each step felt like we were walking with two big cinderblocks on our feet," one man told CNN.

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17. Sailing Doodles star Bobby White added: "Every time you step, you pick up more mud, and it's just really hard to move. There is absolutely no way you could move a vehicle through this right now."

Burning Man
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18. Diplo and Chris Rock were among those who left the site by walking out. The DJ said he spent "hours" trying to catch a ride before a fan picked him and Chris up in their truck.

19. Back at camp, authorities said they were working to improve cell service and provide buses for those left stranded.

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20. Some people partied while they waited.

21. But please follow safety precautions.

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22. It was reported that one person died over the weekend.

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Though the circumstances of their death are unclear.

23. CNN also reports that more rain is expected Sunday afternoon.

People leaving Burning Man

The weather service reportedly said, “Stronger storms will be capable of very heavy rainfall, small hail, and wind gusts to 40+ mph."

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24. Sunshine is expected to return tomorrow.

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If you're out there, be safe!