I'm Gonna Be Straightforward With You — These 23 People Have Some Weird, Creepy Sh*t Going On In Their Lives, And I Am Both Horrified And Deeply Intrigued

1.This hiker, who found this twine-wrapped specimen menacingly sitting inside a tree, aka the perfect opening scene to a horror movie:

Something wrapped in twine

2.This boyfriend — named Nick — who went into the attic of his girlfriend's apartment and found his name carved into the wall with a pentagram underneath:

"Nick" on a mirror

3.The daughter who received this unsettling text from her mom — who was sleeping just a few doors down — in the middle of the night:

Screenshot of a text conversation

4.This person who found a walkie-talkie rigged to be on at all times stashed in the chimney of their home, aka it's definitely time to move, besties!!!!!:

a band wrapped around the talk button so that it's always on

5.The person who just wanted to have a nice carbonated beverage and instead is getting some secret, paranormal message via bubbles:

Bubbles in a glass

6.This person, who found a dirty footprint hiiiigh up on their wall, leading to the attic:

A footprint on a wall

7.This now-anonymous redditor, who was sent a photo OF THEMSELF via Airdrop hours after being outside, from a user named "Im watching u":

A bright light from afar

8.This person, who left their car window cracked open and came back to find that someone left these for them:

Weird items with herbs

9.This person, who probably stumbled upon this pile of creepy masks left by a retired (or at least.....that's what they want you to think.....) slasher:

Free scary masks

10.The target of this not-so-subtle serial killer who was definitelllllly put on their kill-list for telling them that they used the wrong "your" here:

car wrapped in caution tape and bloody hand prints
u/Trick-Concept1909 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

11.This person who got LOCKED INSIDE THEIR BATHROOM because the cabinet right outside seemingly moved on its own, blocking the door:

A shelf next to a door

12.The bus driver who got this terrifying message, which is very much giving ~zombie apocalypse~:

An update on a car's GPS system
u/colereadsreddit / Reddit / Via reddit.com

13.This person (shoe footprints) who was working in what they thought was an abandoned basement.....but I guess not. :)

footprints all over the floor
u/ssweigart1029 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

14.The DoorDasher who had to walk past this, uhhhh, suspicious door to deliver an order:

A door with liquid coming out of the bottom

15.The person who was casually walking around the cemetery and found this gravestone, which is giving either the opening scene or the closing scene of a scary movie about a curse:

Items left on someone's gravestone
u/Quick_Presentation11 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

16.This person, who found an unexpected package on their doorstep containing this creepy ass thing:

A hand holding a sculpture

17.This fortune cookie fortune that seems like a threat planted by a scary movie killer, to be opened right before an all-out chase sequence:

A fortune cookie fortune

18.The person who got this threatening text from a random number, which is very much giving Scream but for Gen Z'ers:

"You have very little time left so you should cherish it"
u/MemeStocksYolo69-420 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

19.This tourist who was on the underground in London and found...several empty packages of raw meat??? Sans meat????:

Empty meat packages on the floor of a train

20.The person — who, mind you, lives in TEXAS — who received an ominous letter from a random person in Poland.......WITH ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRITTEN ON IT. Like, there's gotta be invisible ink or something, right??

A blank letter

21.The manager who found this unknown trail-cam pointed at the BACK door of the restaurant she manages:

A trail cam on a tree
u/DangerDee007 / Reddit / Via reddit.com

22.The unfortunate soul who just wanted to dig a new garden bed and instead unearthed THIS:

A coffin in the ground
u/ElizabethDangit / Reddit / Via reddit.com

23.And finally, the redditor whose job it is to inspect every single one of these cars, which they do at night with a flashlight as seen below. This feels like nightmare fuel to me!!!! You cannot convince me something is not gonna jump out from behind one of those!!!

Trains on either side of a path

h/t r/oddlyterrifying and r/Weird

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