The $224 'extreme cut out' jeans causing a stir online

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

First we had mum jeans, then it was all about the distressed denim, but now it appears the trend is to have 98 per cent of the fabric cut out of your trousers.

Step forward the ‘extreme cut out jean’ from Carmar Denim, which is described as a high-rise pant with ‘large statement cutouts on front and back’.

Indeed, the $224 pair of pants live up to the description, with pictures of the jeans from the designer’s website showing the model wearing a cut-out swimsuit, with her modesty barely covered at the back with a single seam of denim.

These jeans are causing a serious stir online. Photo: Carmar
They feature cut outs, front and back. Photo: Carmar

The designers, who are based in LA, go on to add that the jeans are a ‘relaxed fit’ (unsurprisingly) and aren’t stretchy.

Needless to say, people all over the internet can’t get over how pricey the jeans are and have let their feelings be known.

“The expensive price some people will pay to showcase their stupidity,” one person tweeted.

We’re cold just looking at this picture. Photo: Carmar
Twitter had a lot to say about the jeans.
People were baffled by them.
“I guess it’s like you want to show off but you got your jeans on”, one Twitter user wrote.
“You got to be kidding,” another person said.

“When you want to go to the beach but denim is life. #carmar” another person said.

Others said ‘these pockets are expensive’ and ‘you got to be kidding’.

“It’s almost like they ran out of ideas,” added another, “‘Hey guys lets come up with some ideas for some new fashion!’ *guy in the back raises hand* ‘I know! Lets make pants that look like a harness.’ Literally, the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen,” a clearly unimpressed Twitter user said.

Whatever your thoughts are on the jeans, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t for winter, unless you’re ready for a serious breeze on your bottom half.

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