21 Photos That Made Me Laugh And Say "What The Heck" At The Same Time

1. Amen:

Twitter: @itslittletunny

2. This is very funny but also an excellent point:

Twitter: @SlimiHendrix

3. I can't explain why, but this makes perfect sense:

Twitter: @i_zzzzzz

4. "Kit" for short:

Twitter: @mummabryan

5.We did it. We lived to see the day that "deez nuts" became a verb:

"My husband has been enjoying pulling all these deeznuts traps on me and it's been months now."
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6.Where's the lie?

"I have a corgi, which is basically a really expensive potato that barks at the wind."
@sickchristine / Via

7.Just watering the pianos, NBD:

"I literally am a piano waterer & tbh I kinda feel like I'm thriving"
u/babysummerbreeze27 / Via

8.Really? Not bologna?

"ive always found pastrami to be the most sensual of the cured meats"
u/TheComedyCrab / Via

9. A what the size of a what now?

Twitter: @SheriffAlert

10.I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that that's not allowed:

"How to cite a dream/hallucination in APA 7th?"
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11. How did Microsoft know?

Twitter: @Froggenthusias1

12. "Having your paper warmed":

Twitter: @TheSnarkTank99

13. One little brick out of place, and SPLAT:

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14. This would be echoing in my head for days:

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15. Lol, this old guy's never heard of Zoosha OR K-Smog:

Twitter: @OwensDamien

16. The villainiest villain of them all:

Twitter: @momofink

17. "Very Frenchly":

Twitter: @mollyEatsTofu

18. Honestly, change your name and move to a new city:

Twitter: @full_legal_name

19.Can't wait for the sequel to The Queen's Gambit:

"the main thing that puts me off of playing chess is that there is 2000 years of gameplay that hundreds of people with higher IQs than me have spent thousands of hours studying the history of..."
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20."Florida is a derogatory adjective":

"Florida is a derogatory adjective."
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21. And finally, my new favorite term:

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