21 Environment Pictures That Will Terrify The Toughest Horror Fan

The power and unpredictability of nature can be quite intimidating. Here are some scary photos of the environment:

eyeballs and shape stand in the woods
David Wall / Getty Images

No, no. Not those kinds of horrifying environment photos. The following images depict the awe-inspiring might and destructive force of our planet, as well as the impact of human activity on it:

1.According to NASA, by around 2050, the amount of land consumed by wildfires in Western states is projected to increase by two to six times. Check out this haunting photo of wildfires spreading in the Western United States:

tress burn in a wild fire
NASA / Alamy

2.This fire in Greenville, California, truly looks like hell on Earth:

a fire burns on a treeline
Trevor Bexon / Getty Images

3.Some nearby Canadian wildfires laced Tornoto in smoke:

Thin layers of smoke covers Toronto
Ian Willms / Getty Images

4.Here's a map of airborne aerosol particles, specks of matter that come from billowing smoke, sweeping across the globe and polluting the air we breathe:

Particles polluting the air we breathe
NASA / Alamy

5.This visual of the change in the Arctic shows how badly climate change has affected the ice:

the arctic dwindling over time

6.Here's a visual of a wave rolling icebergs that looks like something straight out of an apocalyptic film:

A wave lifts an iceberg

7.For a better visual of global warming, check out this drastic change in the planet's temperature from the year 1983 to now:

the earth gets hotter

8.Rising sea levels contribute to coastal flooding, making flood damage from storms like hurricanes affect coastlines more than ever:

A chopper delivers a package to a flooded town

9.Here's a riverboat that is beached in the mud along a dried-up part of the Mississippi River in Tennessee due to a lack of rain:

a boat in the mud of a dried up river
Scott Olson / Getty Images

10.This duck would be easier to see with water, but this water source has been completely dried due to record-breaking heat waves and drought:

a duck walks on dried and cracked land

11. Wind damage alone can harm us, but when you add rain and hail to the mix, it can be devastating beyond saving.

Twitter: @247dotAg / Via Twitter: @247dotAg

12. Tornadoes might be the most terrifying natural disaster, as seen in the video below:

Twitter: @Top_Disaster / Via Twitter: @Top_Disaster

13.The damage from a tornado can leave places leveled, as seen in this neighborhood in Kentucky:

leveled neighborhood from tornado, with cars and trees scattered about
Brett Carlsen / Getty Images

14.Here's an aerial shot of tornado damage to homes in Mississippi:

debris and leveled homes
Michael Democker / Getty Images

15. The 2021 Texas disaster saw freezing temperatures hit the Lone Star state.

Twitter: @ThomasBlackGG / Via Twitter: @ThomasBlackGG

16.These corn plants are unsalvagable after a powerful storm swept through and devastated farms in Iowa:

downed corn plants
Daniel Acker / Getty Images

17. As someone who grew up in Florida, I know how powerful hurricanes can lead to significant flooding, as seen in this German clip:

Twitter: @WRLD_disasters / Via Twitter: @WRLD_disasters

18. This waterfall may look beautiful until you start dissecting how dangerous it really is:

Twitter: @mikesacconnetv / Via Twitter: @mikesacconetv

19.With high enough winds, a cyclone or hurricane's damage can be life-changing for people:

a town is in ruins after a hurricane

20. This cyclone in South Africa litters the air with debris:

Twitter: @WRLD_disasters / Via Twitter: @WRLD_disasters

21. And lastly, the most recent example of a cyclone stirring, which forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate:

Twitter: @ProjectTabs / Via Twitter: @ProjectTabs

Have you ever faced a terrifying force of nature? Comment below and tell us your story.