Save hundreds on this project management training

Efficiency is everything in 21st century business. As companies come up with creative ways to improve user experience and make it easier for consumers to purchase their products and interact with their brands, in the background, they're becoming leaner and more efficient, too. That's due to an increased investment in project management, and certified project managers are in greater demand now than ever. Fortunately for you, you don't need a degree to break into this six-figure career, you just need to know your stuff. The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle will get you up to the task, and it's just $49 today.

The Lean methodology is designed to create greater value from fewer resources. Six Sigma is a methodology designed to help companies minimize costs, boost results, and minimize waste. Used in conjunction with one another, the Lean Six Sigma methodology can completely overhaul a business's operations and streamline how they do practically everything. That's why companies like Ford and Amazon are fully onboard with Lean Six Sigma.

In this four-course bundle, you'll get an introduction to the absolute basics of both Lean and Six Sigma, understanding core concepts that will help you run a more efficient project. You'll also delve into Minitab, a comprehensive business analytics tool that is a project manager's best friend. From there, you'll study to pass the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt certifications, putting you on track to start a lucrative new career.

It's 44 hours of expert-led training designed to help you break into a booming field. The Lean Six Sigma Expert Training Bundle is on sale now for just $49.

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