CES 2020: In pictures

Nick Summers
Senior Editor
Will Lipman Photography

That's it. We're done. Finito. Another Consumer Electronics Show is officially on the books. Before everyone leaves Las Vegas and inevitably morphs into sleep-deprived mush, we wanted to take one last look back at the convention center chaos. We're going to keep the words to a minimum though and let our best images -- captured by a slew of Engadget editors and photographer Will Lipman -- do the storytelling instead. The highlights, the lowlights and the simply absurd: Scroll down for a taste of them all.

CES show floor

CES felt a tad quieter this year. A sign of the show's slowly diminishing relevancy?

Google booth

Once again, Google's booth dominated the parking lot opposite the convention center.

CES 2020

Google's elaborate booth had a multicolored slide this year! I hate to think how many nasty germs are in that ball pit though.

Mercedes-Benz brought an Avatar-inspired concept car to CES. (When are those sequels coming out again?) We can't stop looking at the scales -- sorry, "bionic flaps" -- on the back.


Groove X returned to CES with a finished version of its adorable Lovot. This one is wearing a plaid shirt, presumably to blend in with the thousands of poorly dressed reporters at the show.


Langualess came to CES with Inupathy, a heart rate monitor that can apparently interpret how your dog is feeling.


What does this personal air filter remind you of? Hannibal Lecter, maybe, or the face mask that Tom Hardy has to wear at the start of Mad Max: Fury Road?

Sony now makes cars. Well, not really. The Vision-S is a concept sedan designed to show off every automotive-related technology that the company is working on. That includes 360 Reality Audio, an immersive audio standard that hasn't quite taken off yet.

Will Lipman


Sony also had the Ectomobile/Ecto-1 at its CES booth. (Possibly to promote Ghostbusters: Afterlife?) No word on whether it'll be selling this car either.


Sony dedicated a good chunk of its CES press conference to PlayStation. The back-patting culminated in a PS5 logo reveal, which was, well -- not exactly shocking.


It's a Onewheel and Yeti cooler combined! Why? No idea. But it's a nice way of delivering cold beers to your mates.

The cult of VR was strong this year.


How do you show off underwater gadgets at CES? With an enormous tank of course. (I hope that diver is allowed a few breaks.)

CES 2020

Even the humble shower head can be bought with a baked-in voice assistant now.

CES 2020

Damon is building an electric motorcycle with BlackBerry (the real BlackBerry that still makes enterprise software). I hope this rider is playing Road Rash inside that VR helmet.

LG bolted 200 TV sets together for this OLED "wave." As a surfer somewhere would say, seriously bodacious, dude.

CES 2020

Charmin tried to steal the show with a robot that delivers toilet paper. Make no mistake though: This was a PR stunt and will never actually be released.

Engadget Trophy

Engadget was in charge of the official Best of CES awards again this year. The trophies double as giant Jenga blocks.

Engadget Team

Here's the full Engadget squad.

Google booth

The sun sets on another tiring but impressive show. Until next year, folks!