2019 sneak peek: Is this the most dramatic MAFS moment yet?

Alicia Vrajlal
Entertainment Editor

After the love triangle between Dean, Davina and Tracey, no one thought it could get more dramatic on Married At First Sight.

But perhaps we’ve all been wrong, as the new promo for the 2019 season holds an explosive bombshell that could be a major game changer for the series.

The new clip shared by Channel Nine shows a wedding guest daring to object just before a couple says ‘I do’.

This Married At First Sight wedding appears to be doomed according to a new promo for the 2019 season. Photo: Channel Nine

“If anybody here objects, please speak now of forever hold your peace,” a voice is heard saying during the wedding ceremony. 

Then we see footage of a male guest raising his hand to object after a pause.

“Oh my God,” a mystery voice projects, and at this point we’d like to say, someone please pass the popcorn. 

A male guest is just about to raise his hand to object. Photo: Channel Nine
The bride from the very same wedding, seen crying in a different scene from the promo. Photo: Channel Nine

The 2019 season of Married At First Sight will see 20 strangers participate in the televised social experiment for a chance to fall in love.

It will air on Channel Nine later this year.

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