Recommended Reading: The making of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

Billy Steele
Senior News Editor
Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

A journey to Galaxy's Edge, the nerdiest place on Earth
Adam Rogers,

By now, even people who aren't Star Wars fans have heard something about Galaxy's Edge: the massive and detailed new attraction at Disneyland. Wired spoke to "Imagineers" who created the 14-acre expansion at the park to offer a glimpse at the work that went into making it a reality.

Outside the wire
Christopher Harland-Dunaway,
The Verge

The story of DJs in Afghanistan who were hired to help the US military. When soldiers moved on, The Verge reports many of those who helped were left in danger.

Ageless Wonder: DJ Shadow is still building steam and breaking new ground
Justin Sayles,
The Ringer

The Ringer caught up with the producer -- who has worked with acts like Run the Jewels, Nas and Pusha T -- to discuss his work and his new album Our Pathetic Age.