Apple is selling Microsoft's Xbox controller in its online store

Jon Fingas
Associate Editor
Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Now that Apple's mobile and living room devices support console game controllers, the company is doing something that would have been unimaginable even a few years ago -- it's selling the Xbox Wireless Controller through its online store. Spend $60 and you can use Microsoft's official gamepad to play supporting titles on your Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. While Apple is certainly no stranger to selling Microsoft products (Office has been available for years), it's still an odd sight when the company is positioning the Apple TV as a pseudo-competitor to the Xbox One.

Curiously, Sony's equally compatible DualShock 4 is nowhere to be found in Apple's store. That doesn't mean Apple is playing favorites (it may be a question of negotiating a sales deal), but you will have to go elsewhere if you'd prefer to have a PS4 controller in your hands. Not that this is necessarily a problem, either. Apple's expanded gamepad support is helpful in part because you don't have to search far for compatible hardware -- you can pick up a gamepad at many local stores if you don't already have what you need.