Open world space game 'Outer Wilds' lands on the PS4 October 15th

Mariella Moon
Associate Editor
Epic Games

Space exploration indie Outer Wilds is making its way to the PS4 and will be available in a few days' time. The game was a crowdfunding project that was initially released for PC via the Epic Games Store and for the Xbox One in May. It's set in a solar system stuck in a 22-minute time loop, and it doesn't wait for you to enter its universe. You'll have to explore all the worlds in it at different times -- they're going through various cataclysmic events and transform every few minutes -- to be able to unravel its mysteries.

In a blog post announcing the release, Mobius Digital producer Kelsey Rice said all the secrets players uncover are important and will help shed light on "a web of interconnected mysteries." None of them was written in as filler for an unimportant storyline, so the producer is urging interested players not to watch others playing the game until they've played it themselves. You don't have to wait that long anyway: the game is landing on the PS4 on October 15th.