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Surround Yourself With Friends

Mom friends, dad friends, old friends, new friends. Pick up the phone and let them know you've got some free time - there's nothing like a good friend to make you feel less lonely.

20 Tips For Surviving Your First Holiday Season as a Single Parent

If you and your partner have recently decided to call it quits, a lot of things are probably changing with your relationship, your roles, and the way you spend the holiday season with your kids. The hard truth? This change might be the best thing for the kids and both parents, but that doesn't make it any less tough to give up spending cherished time with your children on Christmas, during Hanukkah, or over the holiday season. Follow these helpful tips when your child needs to spend a holiday celebrating with your ex, so you can cope better emotionally and mentally - and still enjoy it.


I Can Barely Afford Christmas Presents For My Daughter - and I'm Happier That Way