20 Questions On Deadline Podcast: Seth Meyers On Trump’s Repeat Performance, Day Drinking Stories & Sadness As The 8G Band Departs ‘Late Night’

This week’s 20 Questions on Deadline guest is Seth Meyers.

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This year marks Meyers’ 10th year of hosting Late Night With Seth Meyers on NBC, and something he is somewhat less enthused about: another go-round tackling a Trump election campaign.

“It is so deeply disappointing that this whole thing is circling back again,” Meyers said on the podcast, “because one of the most palpable reliefs I’ve ever felt is when the election was called the last time, and just that sense of, ‘Well, huh, that’s that.’ I would much rather do comedy about something else, all things being equal.”

However, the upside is he certainly never finds himself short on material. “I don’t feel like in the next six months, my producers are ever going to say to us, ‘We’re two minutes short tonight.'”

Meyers also addressed the news that this fall he is set to lose his longtime house band, The 8G Band, led by Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen. “It’s very sad,” Meyers said. “I feel incredibly grateful to have had The 8G Band for 10 years. Somebody like me never thinks they’re going have the luxury of people playing music before they walk out on stage. I feel grateful for the time we had together and I think they know how sad I am that they’re not gonna be part of the show moving forward. I’m happy we get them through August, so we will value this time together until that comes. But mostly just I reflect on it as a gift that I had for a great many years.”

During the 20 Questions portion of the podcast, Meyers recalled having a movie poster of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off on his wall as a kid. “I made the mistake of the first time Matthew Broderick was on the show, I told him about how I basically just woke up every morning looking at his face, and he had a real [look] like, ‘What?'” Meyers laughed.

He also revealed how, during one of his ‘Day Drinking’ segments on Late Night, he “fell asleep in a pile of coats” and woke up on the roof of The Standard hotel wondering where his guest Kelly Clarkson had gone.

And we got into his early start doing plays for corporate employees in Amsterdam during their lunch break. “You could hear them chewing while you were doing comedy.”

Meyers also discussed the last time he cried, his love for Indiana Jones, how he copes with an interview potentially going off the rails and why he chooses to lean right into the jokes that bomb.

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