Projects Set to Focus Industry Attention at Spain’s Conecta Fiction

Titles from “Lupin” co-creator François Uzan, former Netflix top exec Erik Barmack, indie multinational Boat Rocker and Brendan Foley, writer of “Cold Courage,” will be pitched on Wednesday and Thursday at Spain’s Conecta Fiction & Entertainment. The pitch sessions form the industry centerpiece of the meet. Following, profiles of entries in four of the six categories: Copro, High-End, Docudramas and Feel Good: 

CoPro Pitch 

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“Destape,” (Satisfaction Iberia, Spain)

The latest from Pablo Barrera, a co-creator of admired crime drama “Punta Escarlata,” a mystery drama turning on (the fictional) Rosa Burnett, a face of Spain’s ‘70s destape cinema, movies with tantalizing nudity. Now, thought dead, Burnett returns from gthe shadows to wreak her vengeance.

“Fin del Año,” (Têm Dênde Productions, Brazil)

A supernatural suspense drama from Vânia Lima at Salvador’s Têm Demdê Productions, behind Ruy Guerra’s “Time, Knifed,” presented at Ventana Sur. A bus transporting five people who are inter-connected mysteriously changes its route a few hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve.

“Gold War,” (Agitprop, Bulgaria)

Created by Teodora Markova, head writer on “Undercover,” selected for the 2012 Monte-Carlo TV Festival and creator of 2019 mini “Father’s Day,” as well as Georgi Ivanov and Nevena Kertova. A drama unfolding against the background of the U.S: boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Produced by Agiptprop, behind 2018’s Berlin Golden Bear winner “Touch Me Not.”

“El Hijo del Consul,” (Mar.Franco Productions, Colombia)

Sourced from BAM Bogotá, a true crime suspense drama created by Fernando López Cardona (“Memento Mori”). The six-part series turns on Gonzalo Carreño, a Bogota aristocrat, accused of murder and behind extortions, attempted heists and an aircraft’s hijacking in May 1988. Presented at Sanfic, Iberseries & Platino Industria and MipCancun.

“Little Red Fox,”  (Chakalaka Films, France, Lieblings Films, Germany)

Inspired by the life of Gerta Pohorylle, a young Jewish photographer who finds freedom fighting Franco’s forces in the Spanish Civil War and was quite possibly the author of Robert Capa’s iconic combat photo “Falling Soldier.” Produced by France-based Chakalaka and Munich-based Lieblings Films (“Ruby Red”).

“New Hunting Tales,” (“Novas Narrativas,” Galo Bravo, Many Takes, Portugal)

Produced by Galo Bravo, behind life-in-lockdown doc “Um Mundo en pausa,” and Many Takes, an episodic seven-part series turning of the pursuit of a sense of identity and belonging by differing people of African descent in Portugal. Tales range from drama to comedy, romance and even sci-fi.

“Playing With Scissors,” (Lithuania)

Brought to Conecta Fiction by NEM Zagreb, a dramedy in which three senior citizens, using their supposed respectability as a cover, to turn a garage into a gene-editing lab. Written by Domante Urmonaite and Martynas Mendelis, co-writers on “Troll Farm,” at the 2023 Berlinale Market Selects.

“The Pulse of Water,” (“El pulso del agua,” Nadie Es Perfecto, Lola Cinema, Spain)

From genre director Alberto Evangelio, behind 2021 Sitges title “The Visitor,” and Ana Piles, a social-issue drama thriller, sparked when Ana returns to her home town in L’Albufera, to take care of her father, a fisherman, but isn’t allowed to follow his trade. 

“Out of Service,” (“Kele 400,” Ananey Studios, Israel)

A youth dramedy from Paramount-owned Tel Acv-based pay TV operator and producer Ananey, maintaining the same audience target of its flagship title, “Greenhouse Academy,” which ran for four season on Netflix. Created by Omer Goldman, a director on Ananey’s “Sky” Season 2. Here a conscientious objector has to abandon her pacifist instincts when she becomes the most hated convict in a military prison.

“Past Waters,” (“Aguas Passadas,” Caracol Studios, Portugal)

A Lisbon Noir, as a sub-commissioner, working in a rain-drenched capitol, races against the clock to solve two brutal teen murders. Created by popular novelist-screenwriter João Tordo, a scribe on Netflix’s “Turn of the Tide,” adapting his own novel, and directed by Bruno Gascon and co-produced by TV On Producciones.

“Red City,” (First Love, France, Yes Studios, Israel)

From François Uzan, who created “Lupin” with George Kay, and actor-writer Ofer Seker (“Raising Hitler”), a resonant political thriller come Western unspooling in Israel in 1957. As the nine-year-old country battles Palestinian and Syrian fedayeen attacks,  a young cop, Elisheva is assigned her first murder, in the far south and a hotbed of exiled criminals.

“Save Us From the Fires of Hell,” (“Líbranos de los Fuego del Infierno,” Equeco, Chile)

With “Little White Lie,” headed by Pablo Calisto and Tomás Alzamora, Equeco established itself as one of Chile’s most market attuned production houses. Its first TV series, “Save Us” turns on a on-the-slide journalist and on the rise investigator following the trail of the missing child in a south Chile village to a sinister cult, which plans a macabre celebration on Saint John’s Night.

“The Sleeping Cell,” (SPi, Portugal)

Set up at SPi, behind Portugal’s first Netflix original series “Gloria,” plus “Codex 632,” with Globoplay and RTP, and “Vanda,” with La Panda and Legendary. Bestselling espionage novelist Nuno Nepomuceno and Miguel Simal, a writer on “Dry Water” and “Glória,” a professor and writer battle an International conspiracy responsible for a terrorist attack in Lisbon.

High End Series

“4 Words For Love,” (Helion Pictures, Boat Rocker Studios, U.K. )

From Richard Hurst, a writer on “Miranda” and “Bluestone 42,” and Steven Bawol co-creator of cop series “Section de Recherches” and an executive producer on Canal +’s “Borgia.” A dramedy, affable Irish widower Brendan rents out his Paris apartment, trying to solve his clients’ love problems. Luckily, his teen French daughter is there to save the day.

“The Angolan Clan,” (Telnet Screen Productions, U.K.)

Brendan Foley, series writer on “Cold Courage” and Shelly Goldstein, its story editor, weigh in with what is billed as an inheritance thriller. Jenny and Spanish-Angolan born housekeeper Leticia receive an inheritance from Jenny’s father-in-law. But it’s blood money and others want a cut.

“Bad Decisions,” (“Malas Decisiones,” La Maldita, Spain)

Created by Pablo Ferreira, development director, and Lucas Mirvois, CEO of La Maldita, a Madrid and Buenos Aires production house, the series version of the same-titled podcast featuring Anna Castillo (“Nowhere”); Luis Tosar (“Maixabel”) and Chino Darin (“The Kingdom”). Surfing online one night, a girl discovers Interpol’s issued a warrant for her arrest. She goes on the run.

“The Summer of Dead Toys,” (Corte y Confección, Spain)

Produced by Corte y Confección, which backed Canneseries winner “Perfect Life” and “The Invisible Line.” Set in 2022 Barcelona, Inspector Salgado – short-fused, violent, macho – and agent Leire Castro – rational, feminist, sometimes naive – investigate a high-society death, which may be related to that of a girl 17 years earlier.

“Unabomber – Ticking Fear,” (Salice Production, Wild Sheep Content, Redstring, Italy)

Backed by former Netflix international chief Erik Barmack, via his Wild Sheep Content, with a great record for placing projects at streamers, and by the former Sky exec Cosetta Lagani, via Salice Production. A thriller largely produced from Italy, it turns on Alessia, an explosives expert, attempts to track down Unabomber, obsessed with revenge after getting her face scarred by a bomb. Created by Leonardo Valenti (“Romanzo Criminale”), Chiara Zago and Daniele Morelli.

“Unclean,” (Vertice 360, Born Wild, Spain)

From Berlin-based Italian screenwriter-actor, the tale of how ex hacker Penélope Ruíz is employed by a social network multinational, on of whose top execs aims to use AI to control her and via her the world…. A best pilot winner at the 2023 Filmarket Hub Awards, currently under development via ex eOne exec Jalessa Jones, Alberto Rull at Spain’s Vértice 360 and Anthony Alleyne at the U.K’s Born Wild.



“Caso Couso,” (Recrea Films, Spain)

A Spanish family’s battle against the U.S. government for justice and truth regarding the death of Spanish cameraman José Couso, killed by U.S. fire directed at Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel, housing all foreign journalists, to eliminate an Iraqi observer. A project from La Coruña-based Recrea Films.

“Gilberta, Life and Death of a Trans Woman,” (Volf Entertainment, Ultravioleta, Brazil, Portugal)

A four-episode true crime tale about the torture and murder in 2006 of Gilberta Salce by 14 adolescents in Oporto, who were protected from prosecution by Portugal’s Catholic Church. From Volf Entertainment, backed by investment company Lisbon Ventures, and headed by Lionel Vieira, jointly behind RTP prestige series “The Crime of Father Amaro.”

“Hijacked Life,” (Uzgrobtas Gyvenimas,” MB Laukite Tesinio, Cinema Cartel, Lithuania, U.S.)

The story of an adolescent Soviet hijacker who was convicted of murdering his own father in the U.S, the four-part crime series documents a full circle journey for Algirdas Brazinskas, towards his search for redemption. Scriptwriter Andrius Lekavicius crafts this tale full of brutality, fear and self-reflection. Produced by Lithuania’s MB Laukite Tesinio alongside U.S.-based Cinema Cartel.

“How To Stop A War,” (Kennedy Films, Spring Films Ireland, Philippines)

Social justice doc meets darkly comedic take on the real-time strife of activists crossing the country to halt a war.

Frank Fenton created the series which includes a distinctive cast of characters as they embark on a politically-charged journey, their personal struggles on display. Produced by Ireland’s Kennedy Films (“My Name Is Emily”) alongside Philippine outfit, Spring Films.

“I Didn’t Kill Borsellino,” (Salice Production, Loft Produzioni, Italy)

A potentially riveting Italian crime drama that shines a light on carceral injustice. The series follows Tanino, accused of assassinating an anti-mafia judge. 18 years in prison and lawyers unraveled his conviction, revealing a momentous coverup. Simone Manetti, Dina Lauricella, Matteo Billi script the four-episode journey produced by Italy’s Salice Production and Loft Produzioni.

Feel Good Titles

“The Foodie and The Fussy,” (“Antojados,” Ed Antoja, Javi Antoja, La Diferencia)

A comedic, character-based culinary road trip around Spain. Fine cuisine enthusiast Javi Antoja and his picky eater cousin Ed explore avant-garde restaurants, meeting renowned, and adventurous, chefs like Fina Puigdevall and Paco Morales. Directed by Ed Antoja and Salva Llobet. Produced by La Diferencia in association with Montagud Editores.

“Hairdressers of the World, The Path of Creativity,” (601 Producciones Audiovisuales, Spain)

A fashion-forward reality series that scours the globe in search of the ultimate hairdressers, documenting industry shows, “full of creativity and glamor.” From the team behind the Begin Again-backed documentary “Awards, beyond the limits of hairdressing,” the series is hosted by the founder of the International Hairdressing Awards, Mikel Luzea and Sergi Bancels, a hairstyle journalist at the prestigious industry pub, Estetica. Juan San Martin writes.

“New Nomads,” (“Nuevos Nómadas” Sergio Oliveros Vega)

A social issue-tinged documentary series exploring the modern nomadic lifestyle through personal storytelling and cultural exploration. In advanced development, aiming for Q4 2025 release. Created by Sergio Oliveros Vega, a freelance producer from Colombia based in Spain.

“The Santa Course,” (iZen, Spain)

In this quiz and game show created by Eric Marodon, Arantza Sánchez and Manuel Feijóo, contestants will be challenged to the ultimate obstacle course in a bid to replace Jolly ol’ Saint Nick. A Christmas competition for the whole family, the seven-part series is produced by Spain’s iZen, the Newen Studios offshoot behind Prime Video’s “El Cid,” and “Memento Mori.”

“Stand-Up Therapy,” (Noelia Bodas, Charlie Arnaiz, Alberto Ortega, Dadá Films and Entertainment)

A comedy-driven therapeutic series. A person facing adversity has one week to write and perform a monologue about their struggles, aided by a comedian and a team of writers. From Dadá Films and Entertainment, Spain. Created by Noelia Bodas, produced by Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega.

Music Titles

“K-Dream,” (Angeli Pictures, Spain)

Shot in Spanish and Korean, this musical drama in development – directed at teens – sees a Venezuelan-Spanish teenager, a victim of bullying, focusing on her musical career to achieve her goal: create her very own K-pop band in Korea. Apart from finding her voice as an artist, she has to deal with romantic disappointments, friendship and family dramas, while also “discovering a non-labelable identity that doesn’t fit into her snobbish and classist environment,” stated creator Mi Hoa Lee, who also exec produces alongside Rosa Castro. “This youthful portrait brings us closer to a young teenager’s journey who, after several breakups in her life, decides to bet everything to achieve her ‘Korean dream’.”

“A Place in the Sun,” (SPi, Portugal)

On her 35th birthday, Beatriz’s agent informs her it no longer makes sense for them to work together. It’s official: no one remembers her winning that talent contest and the record she released afterwards. It’s time to face what the future holds, far from the limelight. Or maybe it’s not? How long should we fight for our dreams? “In my life as a screenwriter, music plays in the background for days on end, evoking different periods in my life and feelings,” said showrunner Pedro Lopes, admitting he came up with the story while listening to The Smiths’ “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.” “Beatriz tries to rebuild her life, despite challenges imposed by the music industry and the ghosts of her past. Music is not just an adornment, but the center of the narrative, contributing to action and sublimating the emotions of the characters,” he added.

“The Singer,” (Nana Films, Spain)

In 1961, Miguelito was just another teenager who traveled to Madrid to fulfill his dream of being a singer. He has no money and the industry claims that rock is dead. Two decades later, it will be alive and Miguelito will be known throughout the world as Miguel Ríos. Created by Jorge Naranjo, this biopic – with the tagline: “He knew that rock will change the world. He didn’t know his music would change a nation” – is based on Ríos’ autobiography “Things I Always Wanted to Tell You.” “It’s a journey through the life of an artist and an X-ray of a country,” stated Naranjo. Describing it as a tale “about how rock contributed to the fall of dictatorship and the arrival of freedom.” Looking for references, the team looked at, among others, “Years and Years” and “Luis Miguel. The Series.”

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