20 Leaked Screenshots Of Humiliating Messages People So Desperately Wish They Could Unsend

1.This person who was getting messages from a guy with an allegedly high IQ:

"what do you do for work?"
u/plsticmksperfct / Via

2.This person who opened their phone to these confusing texts:

"if i text u btw it is cus of I am abusing substances"
u/pinsmari / Via

3.This person who apparently triggered someone's "natural instincts":

"I don't know what I expected you to say back but I feel better"
u/papayathechicken / Via

4. This person who was recognized at the gym:

Twitter: @ftguccimane

5.This person who received a DM from a stranger:

stranger having a convo and then saying, it's cause i cheated so i wanted to know if he was getting even with me
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6. This person who asked a question they wish they hadn't:

Twitter: @invis4yo

7. This person who was very quickly humbled:

Twitter: @thordotcomputer

8.This person who was asked out by a very, uh, creative writer:

person messaging out their every gesture
u/HighlySordid / Via

9.This person who encountered the world's biggest gatekeeper:

someone asks a person where they got their food and they respond that they're not going to tell them
u/Utamira / Via

10. This person who was too vulnerable on social media:

Twitter: @CheemaWRLD

11.This person who found something out they wish they never had:

my wife named our son after her first love and i had no idea
u/ContributionOk4879 / Via

12.This person who got shocking news from their friend who came back from visiting another country:

friend comes back engaged
u/PrinceJunhong / Via
person says they got engaged after 2 hours of talking
u/PrinceJunhong / Via
says he's marrying her because he likes her but marriage isn't always about finding the right person
u/PrinceJunhong / Via

13.This person who killed the mood:

14.This person who came across this Tinder profile:

name on tinder is cheating husband
u/Jadedmussel80 / Via

15.This person who accidentally insulted a friend:

friend sends their new song and other responds, okay you usually have great music taste but that song is pretty shit and friend says that's my song
u/Aki008035 / Via

16.This person who was asked a unique icebreaker:

17.This person who Snapchatted someone they saw on a dating app:

person figures out they searched for their snapchat from their dating profile
u/SHOwSHOrTAge / Via

18.This person who got dragged...or maybe complimented?:

"You look like a run of the mill barista"

19.This person who got caught trying to scam someone:

someone tries to say they've been beat up and sends a selfie and the person responds, that's strawberry jam
u/Working_Inspection22 / Via

20.And this person who started talking to someone very honest on a dating app: