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Roast Evenly Every Time

If you're cooking with a conventional oven, you can still achieve an amazing roast by rotating and basing often, according to Ginet. All ovens tend to have a hot spot, so rotating and basting halfway through their cooking time will guarantee an evenly browned and juicy roast all around.

20 Basic Cooking Tips Everyone Should Know, According to a Pro Chef

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved cooking. And while I consider myself to be pretty good, I know that getting back to basics will help me establish a solid base from which I can become better and savvier in the kitchen. And who better to learn from than a professional chef? I reached out to Boris Ginet, Parisian chef and owner of fast-casual rotisserie restaurant Risbo, to find out his top 20 basic cooking tips that everyone should master. So, whether you love cooking and experimenting in the kitchen or just rely on fast and easy meals to get by, these essential tips will serve everyone.

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