This $2.80 travel hack is the key to packing light

Sarah Carty
Features & Style Editor

When it comes to packing, there’s nothing worse than trying to fit everything into your teeny tiny suitcase that you thought looked good in the shop but now you’ve realized, you probably should have gone with the supersized version.

But, packing for a family, including toddlers, is in a whole different ballpark and can be a downright nightmare.

That’s why every mum (or just anybody who loves to take to the skies) needs to know about this parent’s epic $2.80 space-saving hack.

A mum has shared her lifesaving travel hack. Photo: Modern Family/ABC

In an article written for Escape, the write revealed that her mum has a long list of lifesaving packing hacks, which has astonishingly left her able to travel around the world with just hand luggage.

But most importantly of all, she has passed down how to not clog up her case with pairs of used underwear and to use disposable ones instead.

“Get a 5-pack for $2.80 at Daiso. Save your real undies for washing in the shower during two night-stop overs, so they have a day to dry”,” her mum told her.

Also on her list of packing hacks is to ditch jeans when you’re travelling because let’s face it, who actually wants to wear jeans sightseeing?

She recommends buying disposable underwear that you can simply throw away instead of washing. Photo: Getty Images

Insteadshe recommends swapping them out for leggings, or light pants that can easily be rolled up.

Her mum also said to limit the number of shoes you bring with you to three pairs and make use of the toiletries in the hotel room.

When it comes to make-up, her mother reckons you only need three products with you, including SPF moisturizer, eyeliner and lipstick.

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