19 Fascinating Charts That Even People Who Hate Charts Will Grudgingly Love

As you might've noticed, I LOVE charts. But even if you're only lukewarm on charts, I promise, you are going to love these:

1.First, someone needs to send this chart to Leo to help him see his dating life is getting more than a tad awkward:

chart of leo's age and the age of his girlfriends with him getting older and them staying younger than 25

He really is the real-life version of Matthew McConaughey's character in Dazed and Confused.

lines from the movie changed to, that's what i love about these models and actors, man. i get older, they stay the same age

2.If Leo wants to settle down he can afford the wedding, even if this chart shows the average wedding in the US has gotten pretty pricey:

most expensive wedding happening in california for $77,000 and New York for $46K

3.This chart tells us which countries have more males or females — and YIKES straight men in Qatar better learn some good pickup lines or buy a new shirt or something as only 24.85% of the population is female:

a lot of the middle east, asia and northeast africa have high male populations

4.Here's just how much — shakes — caffeine is in your favorite — jitters — energy drinks:

list of energy drinks

5.College costs more than ever these days...here are some majors you might want to reconsider:

journalism majors being the highest that would switch

6.OK, I did NOT know this — India has wildly different drinking age rules, ranging from as young as 18 in some spots...to a total drinking ban in others:

map of india and where you can drink or not

7.This equally sobering chart shows how staggeringly much toilet paper we use:

graph of the countries and how much they use, sweden being the least

LOL, China! You're the worst! USA! USA! USA! (Oh wait...I, uh, just looked at the per capita numbers. Awkward. Sorry, China.)

QS Supplies

8.Speaking of waste and junk...did you know (!!!) there was a giant, freaking garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean:

garbage concentration in the Pacific ocean

9.Here's another interesting one — young adults are less religious than they were 30 years ago:

graph of ages versus how religious

10.We all know the USA spends an outrageous amount of money on the military budget, but this puts in stark terms:

graph of all the other needs the budget could fund that are way cheaper

11.If you saw my question above about whether we could afford to make cuts to our defense budget — holy crap — the answer is YES! YES! YES! according to this chart:

the worlds military budget with the usa taking up most of the pie chart

12.And to drive home the point even more, look at the advantage the USA and their NATO allies have:

china vs russia vs nato spending

13.OK, let's look at something a bit less serious...here's how the popularity of car colors has changed over the years:

car colors by the years

14.Here's the most spoken languages (excluding English and Spanish) in each US state:

the different languages spoken in the states

15.This chart explaining about the mobs of New York is fun (I mean, as fun as a chart can be about a murder-happy organization):

map of how the mafia works

16.This one's no surprise at this point, but look at the USA's rate of gun-related homicides and gun ownership compared to the rest of the developed world:

the usa is practically off the map while the rest of the world are in the low numbers

17.This chart — showing the metro areas in the USA where more than 5% of the population uses public transit to get to work — is going to be SOOOOO funny to look at after the environmental apocalypse when we're living underground:

the middle of the map is completely blank with east coast and some of seattle marked

18.This chart is sad but interesting — it shows where Ukrainians fled to during the first year of the war:

the numbers of people and the places they went

19.And lastly, here's something fun and interesting to end on — the times people in Europe have dinner! (Having just got back from Portugal, I can tell you their 9–10 p.m. dinner time is real as I was falling asleep at the table!):

countries labeled with dinner times

HT: r/infographics