I'm Shaking My Head At These 17 Unexpected Text Message Responses That I Couldn't Help But Laugh At

So, there's a Reddit thread where people can post funny text exchanges where some are probably real and some are potentially made up. Either way, there are some pretty great gems in there. Here are some that should give you a good laugh for the day:

1.Let's start it off with a classic dad joke because you just can't help but laugh at dad humor:

"you're a taxi"

2.And, while we are on the topic of parents, this funny exchange between a mom and a daughter is way too relatable:


3.Here's a DoorDash driver who was just having one of those days with words:

"The shit Garfield eat"

4.And this window cleaner who came up with this perfect and funny solution for figuring out how to get paid after they'd been ghosted:

"Please settle your account before we pass it to the small claims court"

5.This person whose cat won over the heart of their landlord:

"OK I will make an exception because he looks very polite"

6.Here's one from that friend we all have who just can't help themselves sometimes:

"I'd rather not say"

7.And here is an exchange between an Amazon customer service person who reminded us with their 'lol' that it's not always computers responding:


8.This "you think you're funny but not" person who is trying to capitalize on his friend's lack of funds:

"I'll take her out to eat tomorrow"

9.This person who accidentally got caught doing the naughty by their mom — with their mom's card:

"Eric we need to talk"

10.This wrong-number text that screams "this is me":

"oh sry wrong number"

11.Here's an eye-roll text from somebody who needs to check their age again:

"Actually I'm 46"

12.And here's another immature text that'll make you wonder if the person responding is a child or just an immature man again:

"sargent balls Lol"

13.There's this exchange that we want to believe is made up, but there's a chance it could be real:

"lack toast and told her aunt"

14.We all know that one mom who gets a little happy with the emojis, here's an example:

"they're all so talented"

15.This really confusing question that was answered with the only response that seemed accurate:

Pictures of an empty hand

16.This exchange that I'm assuming could only have been made on Facebook Marketplace:

"I got hella apples"

17.And, lastly, this text thread that reminds us just how many milk options there are nowadays:

"That's modern milk for ya"