17 Folks Who Cut Off Their Dates After Meeting For The First Time Because They Were THAT Bad

Reddit user velcroshell asked the community, "What is something [someone] said on a first date that immediately prevented a second?"

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Unfortunately folks had many shocking tales up their sleeves, and revealed baffling first date experiences. Like, dating is truly an extreme sport!!!

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So, here are some of the worst first dates people have ever been on:

Note: Some submissions were pulled from this Reddit thread by user SugarAndSpice89.

Note: This post contains topics of domestic abuse and rape. Please proceed with caution.

1."I met this girl on Tinder, was very chatty and flirty online, and arranged to meet for drinks and a meal. We met up, and she arrived 30 minutes late. The chatty and flirty person I'd been talking to just wasn't there at all. She had short, curt answers and was CONSTANTLY on her phone. I felt like I was doing all the heavy lifting with the conversation. We sat at our table, and we were about to order, and she leaned over and said, 'Oh, you got this right?' I'm not averse to paying for a first date, but to have it put so bluntly pissed me off, considering how poor the conversation was. She proceeded to order the most expensive items on the menu and a large cocktail for herself, all the while I was trying to make conversation and get to know her. When she was on her phone, I peered over and saw what she was doing: She was on Tinder right in front of me, messaging other guys while on our first date."

"I saw red — I refused to be treated like that by anyone. I excused myself to go the bathroom and surreptitiously whipped my jacket off the back of my chair while going. I went to our waiter and explained what had happened, and he was like, 'Oh, man, I'm sorry to hear that.'

I paid for my drink and tipped him for being so helpful, I canceled my order but told him to keep her order in place. He smiled and said, 'I know what you're doing...good luck to you!' Then I left.

15 minutes later, my phone was getting message after message from her asking where the hell I was, that she hadn't her purse on her, etc. I blocked her, went off to a pub and called a mate to meet me to rescue the night with beer and laughing over the situation. One of the worst, but definitely memorable dates."


2."A friend fixed me up with her newly single cousin (it was a blind date). She claimed he'd be perfect for me. We met in a pub, and for nearly two hours, he talked about nothing but himself solidly. His life, job, workout routine, political opinion, and so on. He never asked me a single question and I couldn't get a word in. Every time I tried to speak, he held his hand up to silence me. The last thing he said to me was, 'Are we going back to your place or mine later?' I was so annoyed and disgusted with his arrogance that I just said, 'Excuse me?' and walked out. I haven't spoken to that friend since. I have no idea why she thought I would like a man like that. He was awful — this was quite a while ago, but it really turned me off."


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3."I was catfished (before the term was invented, we called it 'Myspace angled'). It was my literal first-ever date. I met this girl on Myspace who lived 30 minutes from me and was going to go to the same tiny college I was going to in the fall. We clicked and decided to meet. I showed up at her place with flowers and was nicely dressed. I was met by her parents and sibling at the door. The father was in the military and grilling me. I was nervous and felt awkward. After 10 minutes, she finally came downstairs. She is dressed like she is going to prom and is the same woman in the pics, just about 100 pounds heavier. She gave me a quick hug, and gave me a printed picture of her. Besides being 'Myspace angled' and feeling obliged to take her out, she proceeded to tell me how our future lives were going to go. We would be the 'it couple' on campus, and then we'd marry after graduation. Again, this was my first date."

"Thankfully, dinner ends quickly. But, she said, 'Oh, it's still early — didn't you say we should see a movie?' Having never been on a date before, my reaction was, 'Yes, let's see this new horror movie.' She said she wasn't a huge horror fan, so this will sink the date. I asked her, and she said it was a great idea.

When I got home, she texted and called nonstop, wanting to know if I had made it home okay. I said I had, and I was going to bed.

The next day, I started to try to fade out. She didn't like that, and I blatantly said, 'I'm sorry. I didn't feel the spark. Besides, I think it would be best if we both attend college single.' She cried and demanded a few more dates. I declined.

Fast forward a few weeks, and we have pre-freshman orientation in the summer. I met a woman who was 100% more my type there, and we clicked. We did long-distance.

Around this time the catfish started calling and bugging me. She said she heard I was dating someone else. She wouldn't stop calling, texting, and messaging me on AIM and Myspace. I had to block her.

College started, and she, of course, lived in my dorm (so did the girl I was long-distance dating). We eventually broke up, and after we did, my catfish would 'run into me' on campus. She created new AIM accounts all the time and messaged me about how she was dying of cancer, and her last wish was to sleep with me.

Eventually, she faded away, stopped bugging me, and left that college at the end of the semester."


4."He was going on about a boy's trip he took with his old college buddies, and I started tuning out. Then he said, 'And my friend was like, 'Wait until these bitches figure out we're not choking them because they like it! Hahaha!' It took me way too long to fully comprehend what he was saying. Like, dude: You're telling me you hate women (or your friend does, and it amuses you) on our first date? Are you aware I am in possession of a vagina? That was the end of that."


5."She arrived stoned an hour late to the bar and decided to get her nails done five minutes before the date. She talked about her life and problems without pause for the entire hour we were out (she was a 'daddy’s girl' with an internship at his company. Her bills were paid by her father, and she had no real problems beyond not getting enough spending money from her dad to buy her a Cartier bracelet). I decided not to text her after the date. Three days later, she texted me saying I was a sexist piece of shit for not continuing the conversation."


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6."He was complaining, saying, 'I have to live with my mom because all three of my baby mamas insist that I pay child support.' Like, 'If these women didn't insist on child support, I would be able to move out' and 'I have to put dinner on my credit card because I'm always broke.' I paid for my own meal, BTW (which I don't mind doing — I always insist on doing that on the first date so they don't think I 'owe' them something in return). But, he had to pay his $12 Denny's meal (yes, he insisted on Denny's) on a credit card."


7."He wouldn't stop talking about getting laid — he even said how most women sleep with him on the first date. I wasn't looking for anything serious, but this guy seemed really full of himself to the point where it was a major turnoff. He really killed it when I told him I gave him a 'fake number' (Google Voice) and he said he not only knew, but wouldn't tell me how because I 'gave someone like him a fake number.' We paid our bills, he went to the restroom, and I dipped out. He didn't see me pull in when I arrived, so imagine my surprise when he pulled up beside me at a light and started shouting at me from his car. I've been using a Google Voice number for online dating for years. I always tell guys, and he's the only one who wasn't respectful that I was trying to be safe."


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8."I was asked out to a concert with a girl who had an extra ticket. We met two hours before the concert. She was talking about how the singer used to send her dick pics. She also admitted that she was banned from the band's concerts for a while due to stalking them. I wanted to give the band at least a chance, but it was awful. That was our first and only date."


9."We went to a club where there were lots of dancing. There was a woman there who was clearly trashed, and blacked out on the dance floor. I don't know how she was still standing upright, as she looked like she shouldn't be. I said to my date (I was 30, F) that I wanted to find her friends and make sure she got home safe. It made me sad and worried for her. Then my date said, 'Well, most girls have fantasies about being raped, so she probably would like it.' Needless to say, I rejected his offer to stay over that night. I braved the NYC subway at 2 a.m. instead — there was no second date."


10."I had a first date with a nice enough woman. We ordered a ton of food, so I left with a huge bag of take out at the end of the date. As we were walking out, we saw a man without a home shivering in front of an empty storefront. It was late October and you could see he had been out in the streets for a long time. I walked over and gave him what amounted to a small feast. She turned her nose up at him and said, 'I would never help a loser like that.' I politely turned and thanked her for her time, then said, 'Your empathy button must be broken. I can't date you. Have a good night.' I walked her to her car and never spoke to her again."


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11."She said, 'I don't want to be in a relationship with a disabled person.' I wear an ankle support which you would never know unless I showed you. I don't wear shorts, as I'm a bit insecure about it. The only reason she found out was I loosened it off while we were sitting at the table, as having it tightened up for long periods of time makes my ankle ache."


12."I had a guy start explaining to me (unsolicited) what I should eat so I could lose weight. I was a two-sport college athlete — not 'petite', but not 'overweight' for my height (I'm over six feet). When the waitress came to take our order, he told me I should order the salad, and I told him, 'I’m getting the burger.' When he ran to the bathroom, I secretly told the server about this first date situation and asked her to pack my meal 'to go.' A little bit later when the food was ready, they brought his out and told me mine would 'be out next.' I told him I wanted to go wash my hands, and instead picked up my takeout and walked out the front door. Always go on a first date where you know who works there…they will look out for you."


13."I was out with a guy who I’d found attractive for years but never connected with for logistical reasons. We were having a great time together, and there was definitely chemistry. Then, out of the blue, he’s talking about his previous relationship that ended in divorce a couple of years prior. It ended because his ex was 'an onery 'slut' with a nasty mouth.' He said she wouldn’t 'shut up' after sex, and one night he just rolled over and put his cigarette out right on her nipple…😮. Yeah, that was enough for me!"


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14."A friend set me up on a date with one of his female coworkers. I called her the day of our date to coordinate. I told her I'd prefer to meet somewhere, but she said she needed me to pick her up because she had two DWIs in the last few months and couldn't drive. She also explained that she was driving down the wrong side of the interstate on the last one. I just said, 'Yeah, this isn't going to work out.' She was upset but I didn't care. Then I called my friend to ask him why he would set me up with her, given the mess her life is in. He said he thought I would like her body (in more descriptive terms) Not worth it!!!!"


15."The date went really well — I was only looking for something casual and so was he. The chemistry and connection were good, the kiss goodbye was meh. The last thing he said on top of that sealed it for me: 'Great, it’ll be a few weeks until I talk to you, but I’m sure I’ll be able to fit you in my rotation.' I don’t expect to be the only one you see, but if your rotation is so big that it’ll be weeks before I’m 'blessed' with an opening, I have a feeling that my enjoyment is not going to be the focus. Hard pass."


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16."He got drunk and confessed he was committing fraud (insurance and welfare), he had two warrants in other states, and he was a sex offender who was never caught. I excused myself to the bathroom and called the police. They picked him up on DWI. The next day I found out from the news he was a highly wanted sex offender, and he was holding his ex-wife and kids hostage. It never made national headlines."


17.And finally, "I went on a date with a man who I met through a dating app. I quickly found out that he lied about his age — he was actually 10 years older than me, and he was recently divorced. He then took me to a gentleman’s club 30 minutes away. He kept saying, 'You’re like a sister [to me]' on the way there while stroking my leg because of how 'awesome I was' to agree to go see strippers with him. After the show, he drove us back drunk and speeding in his convertible. He was messaging other women on the dating app at the same time. He ended the night by saying, 'So I’ll be hearing from you again? Because I’m such a cool guy, and dates with me are the best.'"


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