If You Don't Die Laughing From These 16 Jaw-Dropping Absolute Fails, I Don't Know What To Tell You, You're Not Normal

Hello and happy Monday, my dear readers, and welcome to the weekly post where I curate internet fails for your reading pleasure. I hope you adore them. Enjoy!

1. This cinema mishap:

Twitter: @youwouldknow

2. This call-out of all of us:


3. Getting your joke shot down by a toddler:

Twitter: @joshgondelman

4. This steak soap:

Twitter: @BloodCrisisGame

5. ...Ouch. What a weirdo:

Twitter: @dollarbillbluez

6. What happens when you have a "golden retriever boyfriend":

Twitter: @tenderghoul

7. This husband-playdate-gone-wrong:

Twitter: @ceaubin

8. This:

Twitter: @crotchner2

9. This because what exactly went on here???

Twitter: @messedupfoods

10. Also, this cursed invention:

Twitter: @messedupfoods

11. This (so real of her):

Twitter: @clickholebot

12. Mental is hocus health not pocus:

Twitter: @GhostEsq

13. This, because it's also how I fill out my to-do lists, and I fail to complete them every time:

Twitter: @_chase_____

14. This horrible sentence:

Twitter: @boygrrI

15. This mis-identification:

Twitter: @wesleycaretto

16. And finally, this pumpkin:

facebook.com / Via Twitter: @caseyaonso

I hope you laughed as much as I did! You can check out some more hilarious fails posts here. If you liked these tweets, be sure to follow their creators!