16 Awful Texts No Human Wants To Receive Under Any Circumstance

Living in 2024 — with all of the advances in technology — is pretty great. The ability to reach anyone at any time via text (without having to actually speak to them)? Fantastic! But texting isn't all roses and fairy-tales. There are also times when a text message can make us want to do this:

Screenshots from "Parks and Recreation" of Ron Swanson destroying his phone

Well, my fellow texters, here are 16 poor people who received texts that 110% made them want to smash their phones...and then probably go cry in the shower. Check 'em out if you dare:

1.First, there's the mom who received these texts from her DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND of five years at 3 a.m. (minutes after he'd called her to say, "I'm just touching myself, thinking of you," and she hung up on him):

Text message conversation expressing concern about a friend's wellbeing and sleeping habits

2.The woman who — 15 years after breaking up with her high school boyfriend — received these texts from HIS WIFE:

Text message expressing deep longing and hope for reconciliation, with portions redacted
starfairyshortcake / Via reddit.com

3.And this young woman received these texts from a 50-plus-year-old man days after he backed into her car and they exchanged information:

Two people texting about misunderstanding a date proposal; one assures they are not a stalker
Fit_cheer4905 / Via reddit.com

4.This guy got these texts that scream "Coming on too strong":

Text message exchange showing a conversation about feelings and relationship commitment
Artificintelligence / Via reddit.com
Text messages expressing someone's desire to move in and share everyday life, suggesting a closer relationship
Artificintelligence / Via reddit.com

5.This college student got these texts from some dude she did a group project with:

Two people texting, one disappointed about being led on after buying the other dinner. Used in a Parents article
No-Hair-908 / Via reddit.com
Text conversation between two individuals discussing a misunderstanding about living situations and job commitments
No-Hair-908 / Via reddit.com

6.And this woman suspected her cousin had romantic feelings for her, so she sent him this "test," and he responded like this:

Text conversation expressing mutual interest and plans for one party to travel to see the other, concluding with a decisive affirmation

7.This twentysomething woman got these texts out of the blue from a girl she used to go to middle school with:

Text message conversation discussing personal relationship issues
sototally99 / Via reddit.com

8.This woman received these gross texts from a number she didn't recognize (but adding to the creepy factor...the guy knew her name):

A text conversation where someone reacts to an inappropriate message by discouraging sexual harassment
leahmd93 / Via reddit.com

9.And this 24-year-old woman received these creepy texts from a married, 60-year-old former coworker:

A screenshot of a text conversation with one person making inappropriate comments and the other person declining to engage
ThiccAsFrick / Via reddit.com

10.This person got this lovely text from an unknown number:

The image shows a text message conversation with an explicit message received and a shocked reply sent
runedued / Via reddit.com

11.This woman was text bombed by a guy she matched with on Bumble — and never even met in person! — hours after she accidentally picked up a call from him:

Text messages between two people discussing sleep, with one person asking the other to stay on the phone
itsperrytheplatapuss / Via reddit.com

12.This woman — seven months after giving a guy she didn't know a ride to work (out of the goodness of her heart) — suddenly got these texts from the dude:

Text conversation showing a request for financial help declined, followed by an offensive response
vanillaave / Via reddit.com

13.And this woman received this text from a guy she dated for two months...10 years after they broke up:

A screenshot of a text conversation with emotional content, sender expresses trust issues and relationship concerns
Jolly-Screen-9421 / Via reddit.com

Lastly, these texts from two nieces and a nephew are nowhere near as bad (in fact, they're pretty cute!), but they definitely made their uncles cringe:

14.This uncle constantly receives texts like these from his 11-year-old niece now that she has a phone:

Image of a long chain message suggesting misfortune if not forwarded, with varying emotive prompts to share with others
Boobookittyfart / Via reddit.com

15.This uncle made the mistake of playing Roblox with his nephew one time:

Text message conversation about playing Roblox at various times, with scheduling conflicts and eventual agreement
gotgot9 / Via reddit.com

16.And this uncle has a very, very bold niece:

Screenshot of a messaging app with several payment requests ranging from $10,000 to $1 and a reply message saying "you crazy"
KAVENUZ / Via reddit.com

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