15 Tweets About "U-hauling" That Made The Lesbian In Me Feel SEEN

A trope in the lesbian community, "U-Hauling," is slowly becoming a more widely accepted turn-of-phrase for daters jumping into serious relationships soon after meeting. Here's a clip of Girl In Red describing what it means to "U-Haul" if you need a refresher on how to use the term. But is there any merit to the stereotype? These tweets will give you all the "U-Hauling" intel you want and, for lesbians in the dating pool, the empathy you deserve.

1. We have reclaimed this stereotype.

Twitter: @deleteitdyke \  Max

2. We always say "that would never be me" until...

Twitter: @TheUnrealTripp / Fox

3. "U-hauling" does not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexuality.

Twitter: @apesgonewiild

4. Is the "U-Haul" relationship a sapphic milestone?

Twitter: @onlyseedaisies

5. Some might say moving fast is a natural adaptation.

Twitter: @ellagrace8801

We've learned to hold on tight to who we love.

6. It is definitely a well-known "symptom" of WLW love.

Twitter: @goobygoobed

(like, for instance, a carabiner, as this twitter user notes).

7. But, "U-Hauling" isn't for all of us and that's a good thing.

Twitter: @_gandilf

You are still a part of the community!

8. Sometimes moving fast in a relationship can be scary to see.

Twitter: @theyw0lf \ Giphy

9. We, like Beth here, can appreciate that the stereotype is not unfounded...

Twitter: @itsbethbooker

10. And, we have a powerful "U-Haul" supporter in Cate Blanchett.

Twitter: @_cateblanchettt \ instagram @cate_blanchettofficial

Thank you, Tár.

11. We are really keeping the professional moving industry afloat.

Twitter: @estrellaguars \  x.com @ReactionVideos_

12. The professionals gave us their blessing.

Twitter: @uhaul

13. We can have fun with the trope.

Twitter: @graceelavery

14. Can "U-Hauling" also be affirming?

Twitter: @ridiculouscheck

Not every lesbian moves in with new partners quickly or jumps into relationships prematurely, but falling in love with a woman and taking a step towards a life together means so much more than just changing a relationship status.

15. At the end of the day, it can be very romantic.

Twitter: @FigmaAntichrist

"U-Hauling" is a manifestation of our hope for great love. We want to believe in the girl standing before another girl, asking her to love her. We want to believe in the make-a-copy-of-your-key, get-a-dog-together, proclaim-"I love you"-on-the-third-date, hire-a-pickup-truck kind of love. The unabashed love that Queer people were denied for so long.

Thelma and Louise from "Thelma and Louise" holding hands while driving on a dirt road in a convertible, the scene suggests a sense of adventure and love
Fandango Movieclips / Via youtube.com

In my opinion, carry-on emotional intimacy speedsters. But, what do you think of "U-Hauling"? Let us know in the comments!