15 Times People Fell Victim To A Business's Insidious Practice Of False Advertising

1.This hotel's very misleading "pool area:"

pool table on top of where a pool used to be
u/Johnoplata / Via reddit.com

2.This complimentary, (and barely filling) hotel breakfast:

a granola bar and bottle of water
u/shmutsy / Via reddit.com

3.This PlayStation controller someone ordered from eBay that was actually an Xbox controller:

the x box controller next to the playstation controller box

4.This hotel room that a guest was told "faced the sea:"

the sea view blocked by a roof
u/Sappok / Via reddit.com

5.This hotel bath that someone quickly learned they couldn't bathe in:

dirty water coming from the faucet
u/JonBoy82 / Via reddit.com

6.This eye-opening note a hotel guest found under their bed:

if you're reading this note, they didn't change the sheets
u/time2fly80 / Via reddit.com

7.This hotel that catfished potential guests:

the website photo edited the power plant behind it out of the photo
u/0SafeBit / Trivago / Via reddit.com

8.This shirt that had a nice message on it but was sent to the customer with the opposite:

a t-shirt on amazon telling a person to be strong and the arrived shirt that says, "Fuck you you fucking fuck"

9.This hotel room a guest was told had "city views:"

a view of an abandoned building
u/taipeicity / Via reddit.com

10.This hotel room that had a much tinier TV than guests expected:

a very small tv on the wall
u/dyoerdt / Via reddit.com

11.This hotel room that advertised the balcony online but failed to clarify that guests couldn't access it:

message on the door reading, for your safety this door has been locked
u/RosemaryCrafting / Via reddit.com

12.This hotel room's bookshelf that's actually fake since all the books' spines are just glued to the wall for decoration:

note above reading, please do not try to remove any books
u/Just-turnings / Via reddit.com

13.This Deadpool costume that turned out to be a serious letdown:

the costume actually received looks like a poorly homemade one
u/llewellyns / Via reddit.com

14.This Airbnb that didn't mention in it's listing that the hot tub hadn't been cleaned in way, way, WAY too long:

the dirty water in the hot tub
u/Forsaken_Storm_6397 / Via reddit.com

15.And lastly, this Airbnb a family rented for the pool only for it to be drained when they arrived:

pool with no water
u/Particular-Bike-9275 / Via reddit.com

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