Here Are 15 Signature SELECT Items Everyone Needs For A Perfect BBQ

1.This ready-in-a-snap Signature SELECT Mix + Match Southern Style Pulled Pork bursting with BBQ flavor.

Food product packaging for Signature Select Mix + Match Southern Style BBQ Pulled Pork; image includes cooking instructions and product weight

2.A side of Signature SELECT Mix + Match Homestyle Mac & Cheese bursting with ooey-gooey cheesiness.

Signature Select Mix + Match Homestyle Mac & Cheese; elbow pasta with rich cheese sauce. Ready in 35 minutes at 375°F. 20 oz (1 lb 4 oz) 567 g

3.A stocked cooler full of Signature SELECT Refreshe Drinking Water to keep everyone refreshed and hydrated.

Case of 24 bottles of Refreshé purified drinking water with minerals added for taste; BPA-free packaging labeled with brand and nutritional information

4.These Signature SELECT 91% Lean 9% Fat 100% Ground Beef Patties your resident grill master can grill to perfection.

Signature Select 100% Ground Beef Patties, 10 quarter-pound patties, 91% lean, 9% fat, cook from frozen, no thaw needed

5.A Signature SELECT Garden Salad that can easily be dressed up with seasonal veggies for optimal taste.

Bag of Signature Select Garden Salad, 12 oz, containing iceberg lettuce, red cabbage, and carrots, labeled "Fresh & Flavorful" and "Washed & Ready to Eat."

6.A savory Signature SELECT Six Layer Dip that will keep everyone gathered around the snack table.

A container of Signature Select Six Layer Dip, including layers such as refried beans, guacamole, and cheddar cheese

7.A pack of Signature SELECT Root Beer Soda, because nothing says barbecue like this classic party beverage.

Signature Select Root Beer soda. Box of 12 cans (12 fl oz each); branded with Signature Select logo and illustrations of frothy root beer mugs

8.A bag of Signature SELECT Frozen Chicken Wings to glaze and coat with your favorite sauces.

Bag of Signature Select all-natural chicken wings, indicating it contains first and second wing sections, cook from frozen, ice glazed for freshness, individually frozen

9.This Signature SELECT Mix + Match Broccoli With Cheese Sauce for a crowd-pleaser side dish with none of the hassle.

Signature Select Mix + Match Broccoli with Cheese Sauce; bake at 375°F for 35 minutes. Contains 15 oz (425g) broccoli florets with mild cheese sauce

10.This Signature SELECT Steam in Bag Super Sweet Golden Corn to mix into a wow-worthy cornbread recipe.

Front packaging of Signature Select's Golden Corn Super Sweet, showing corn kernels and cooking instructions. Text advertises "Microwaveable & Ready in 6 minutes."

11.A hefty helping of Signature SELECT Classic Potato Salad that will act as the crown jewel of any BBQ spread.

Container of Signature Select Classic Potato Salad, 3 pounds, with Russet potatoes, eggs, celery, onions, and a mustard-mayo dressing, gluten-free

12.Or this bag of Signature SELECT Russet Potatoes if you prefer to make your potato salad from scratch.

Bag of Signature Select Russet Potatoes, labeled "Fresh & Flavorful. Wash Before Use; 5 lbs"

13.A generous helping of Signature SELECT Sandwich Pickle Slices to complete the perfect burger.

A plastic container of Signature Select Kosher Dill Sandwich Slices Pickles; the label highlights "Farm to package in 7 days" and "Never heated"

14.A Signature SELECT Ultimate Delights Variety Cheesecake Pack to satisfy the array of palates showing up to your barbecue.

A cheesecake sampler in a clear plastic container, labeled "Ultimate Delights Variety Cheesecake" with flavors like chocolate and strawberry swirl

15.This Signature SELECT Ice Cream Bars, Cones, and Sandwiches Family Pack for a cool, sweet treat to round out the day.

Close-up of Signature Select Variety Pack Family Pack box containing 12 ice cream bars, 8 cones, and 12 sandwiches, with 32 treats written at the top right