15 People Who Probably Didn't Even Want To Go To Work In The First Place, And Yet Their Day Just Kept Getting Worse

1.This person who unfolded their "cash" tip at a restaurant:

"You got pranked!"

2.This person who broke their leg minutes after clocking into the first day at a new job:

A broken leg

3.This person who opened up their free lunch after working a 12-hour shift:

Lays, an apple, and a bottle of water in a box

4.This person whose coworker microwaved ghost pepper popcorn in their office for too long which filled the office with black smoke and burned people's eyes:

"Due to the ghost pepper popcorn incident..."

5.This person who came into work and found the new tardy policy:

"if you arrive at 10:02, you will have to stay an extra 20 minutes..."

6.This person who had to clean up the theater after an awful audience:

A trashed movie theater

7.This person who found another guest in their hotel while on a work trip:

Closeup of a bug

8.This person whose coworkers threw them a birthday party...and celebrated without them because they forgot the birthday person worked nights:

An empty birthday celebration

9.This person whose boss installed a water dispenser in the office that doesn't seem to have been done right:

A wet floor

10.This person who realized their grave mistake once they were already at work:

A person wearing two different shoes

11.This person who showed up for Whoville day at work as the only person on theme:

A woman with Who hair

12.This person who won a fabulous new TV at their job's raffle:

A broken TV

13.This person whose pants zipper broke right before a big meeting:

Safety pins holding someone's pants together

14.This person whose boss wouldn't let them leave for five minutes to turn off their car headlights:

A car with its headlights on in a parking lot

15.And this person whose coworkers left 45 minutes early and left them with the dishes:

A sink full of dirty dishes