15 Incredible Charts About Dogs That Repeatedly Made Me Go, "Now That Is Fascinating!"

1.We've all heard the "one year of a dog's life = seven years of a human's life" thing, but it's not entirely accurate. Really, dogs age quickly the first few years, then slow down after that:

A chart for dog ages
u/Luko-NL / Via reddit.com

2.This paws-itively fascinating chart gets even more in-depth, breaking down a dog's age in comparison to human years based on their size (oh, and they threw in a column for cats, too!):

Pet ages compared to humans
u/Macabee721•9 years ago / Via reddit.com

3.Want to understand your dog's body language? This chart tells you exactly what they're feeling:

A chart for dogs' body language
u/FinnualaDaKing / Via reddit.com

4.This chart takes things a littler further by spelling out what different doggie behaviors mean:

"common dog behaviors explained"

5.And this one explains what their barking sounds mean:

"decode dog barking sounds"
u/jpc4stro / Via reddit.com

6.Heck — since we're all so keen to understand our dogs — here's a chart that teaches how we can communicate with them through hand signals:

"common hand signals and how to teach them"
u/jpc4stro / Via reddit.com

7.This "Heimlich maneuver for dogs" chart could literally save your pup's life:

"Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs"
u/mikeymikespeirs / Via reddit.com

8.And this "pet CPR" chart could be a lifesaver, too:

"Saving Your Pet with CPR"
u/Xstress875 / Via reddit.com

9.This chart tells you what breeds are water dogs (water dogs are dogs hunters bred to excel at retrieving birds and other game from the water):

"Types of water dog breeds"
u/Remote_Awareness3284 / Via reddit.com

10.Ever wonder if something was OK to feed your dog? Well, thanks to this chart, now you'll know:

"Can my dog eat this?"
u/[deleted] / Via reddit.com

11.This chart is important to review if you're thinking of adopting a dog. Remember, adjusting to a new home takes time:

"It doesn't happen overnight"
u/Lucy_Pugz / Via reddit.com

12.This chart runs down the different types of assistance dogs (plus one that's not real...can you spot it?):

"Types of assistance dogs"
u/laurifroggy / Via reddit.com

13.This chart explains how you can safely cut your dog's nails:

"How to Trim Dog Nails"

14.And this one explains how you can clean their ears:

"How to Clean a Dog's Ears"
u/jpc4stro / Via reddit.com

15.Lastly, taking your doggo on a roadtrip? This helpful chart details how you can keep 'em safe and happy:

"how to keep your dog safe in the car"
u/ivyplant / Via reddit.com

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