15 Incredible Charts About Dogs That Repeatedly Made Me Go, "Now That Is Fascinating!"

1.We've all heard the "one year of a dog's life = seven years of a human's life" thing, but it's not entirely accurate. Really, dogs age quickly the first few years, then slow down after that:

A chart for dog ages

2.This paws-itively fascinating chart gets even more in-depth, breaking down a dog's age in comparison to human years based on their size (oh, and they threw in a column for cats, too!):

Pet ages compared to humans

3.Want to understand your dog's body language? This chart tells you exactly what they're feeling:

A chart for dogs' body language

4.This chart takes things a littler further by spelling out what different doggie behaviors mean:

"common dog behaviors explained"

5.And this one explains what their barking sounds mean:

"decode dog barking sounds"

6.Heck — since we're all so keen to understand our dogs — here's a chart that teaches how we can communicate with them through hand signals:

"common hand signals and how to teach them"

7.This "Heimlich maneuver for dogs" chart could literally save your pup's life:

"Heimlich Maneuver for Dogs"

8.And this "pet CPR" chart could be a lifesaver, too:

"Saving Your Pet with CPR"

9.This chart tells you what breeds are water dogs (water dogs are dogs hunters bred to excel at retrieving birds and other game from the water):

"Types of water dog breeds"

10.Ever wonder if something was OK to feed your dog? Well, thanks to this chart, now you'll know:

"Can my dog eat this?"

11.This chart is important to review if you're thinking of adopting a dog. Remember, adjusting to a new home takes time:

"It doesn't happen overnight"

12.This chart runs down the different types of assistance dogs (plus one that's not real...can you spot it?):

"Types of assistance dogs"

13.This chart explains how you can safely cut your dog's nails:

"How to Trim Dog Nails"

14.And this one explains how you can clean their ears:

"How to Clean a Dog's Ears"

15.Lastly, taking your doggo on a roadtrip? This helpful chart details how you can keep 'em safe and happy:

"how to keep your dog safe in the car"

HT: r/coolguides