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Flatiron Grilled Cheese

Not every dorm room has a spare iron laying around, but if you happen to have one, flatiron grilled cheese is totally a thing (with extreme caution). Prepare your sandwich the way you normally would and butter both sides, then wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. Lay the iron flat on both sides for four minutes each, and voila, it's grilled cheese. (Or a panini or basically any hot sandwich you want.) Just be sure to wait a few minutes for the foil to cool before you unwrap and enjoy.

15 Dorm Room Cooking Hacks to Save You From the Dining Hall

Preparing meals within the confines of a 12 x 12 cinderblock room is no easy feat, but that doesn't mean you have to surrender yourself to ramen noodle packets for the next four years. Not that there's anything wrong with indulging in the occasional ramen package, but it's completely possible to make delicious food in your dorm without a stove, oven, or full-size fridge. It just requires a little creativity. But you're a smart college student, so you'll do just fine.

If you're able to invest in a microwave, mini fridge, or other small appliances, a few ingredients and staples can go a long way. Here are some easy, affordable hacks to transform your dorm room meals into culinary masterpieces (or something close to it).

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