15 Eerie Photos With a Disturbing Aura That Gave Me a Sense of Dread

In case you haven't looked out the window in a while, it ain't all sunshine and rainbows out there. The world is a scary place.

GIF of a muppet looking scared
Jim Henson Company

Here are 15 photos from r/oddlyterrifying that reminded me of just how scary life really is:

1."NASA's James Webb telescope has spotted a giant 'question mark' object deep in space."

A question mark in the sky

2."A Medieval-era painting of King Richard II of England and Isabella on their wedding day. She was 6 — he was 29."

Painting of a marriage between a 6 and 29-year-old

3."I was leaving my house at 6 a.m. and found this in the dew on the front steps."

Footprints on stairs

4."Hong Kong apartments."

Hong Kong apartments

5."Went to get a tattoo today and glanced down the hall to see if my artist was headed back with my stencil…."

A scary mask peeking from around the corner

6."Uh, what..."

"Pork blood only"

7."Found this in my yard when I was trying to dig a new garden bed."

What looks like a coffin in a garden

8."I also found something while digging in my yard today..."

A dug hole in a garden

9."I don't know about you, but just looking at these numbers got me thinking about all the pain, fear, joy, etc. at a much larger scale than I normally do."

Current world population

10."This 'garden pool' in Australia."

A garden pool
Aerial image of a garden pool

11."A friend baked a strawberry dessert."

A creepy-looking dessert

12."A smoker's teeth before and after cleaning."

A smoker's teeth

13."Saw this on a walk today."

Clothes hanging between two poles

14."I was not home for a week and found this plant growing from the drain."

A plant in the drain

15.And finally, "This photo my partner took of me."

A distorted image of a person