14 Costco Muffins Ranked From Worst To Best, According To Reddit

Costco bakery muffins
Costco bakery muffins - Juanmonino/Getty Images

While shoppers can buy everything from rotisserie chickens to comically large wine glasses at Costco, the bakery remains one of the most popular sections of the chain. Among the beloved bakery offerings are the Kirkland brand muffins. These Costco muffins cost $8.99 for two packs of six muffins each.

Costco offers an array of tasty muffin flavors, like Double Chocolate, Corn, Raspberry Lemon, and more. Some muffin varieties are seasonal, so they are not offered year-round. The Pumpkin Streusel, for example, is just one of the flavors that come and go.

Choosing just one flavor can be challenging, however, plenty of Costco customers have taken to Reddit to share their opinions on the wide and ever-changing selection of muffin flavors. We've taken into consideration all of their thoughts and preferences, and ranked 14 Costco muffin flavors from worst to best based on what Redditors said about the flavor, texture, and availability.

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Double Chocolate

Costco double chocolate muffin
Costco double chocolate muffin - GiantFlimsyMicrowave/Reddit

The debate surrounding whether muffins are a dessert or breakfast item rages on, and Costco's Double Chocolate Muffins lean heavily toward the dessert side. This is one of the heaviest muffin flavors available at Costco.

Costco's Double Chocolate Muffins have no shortage of chocolatey goodness in them. These muffins are loaded with chunky chocolate chips. These aren't the tiny chocolate morsels many associate with chocolate chips. Costco uses huge chunks of chocolate, instead. The recipe, overall, has a mouthwatering cocoa flavor that makes this muffin intensely chocolatey.

While this rich muffin is a favorite among chocolate lovers, it falls low on the list due to its lackluster, dry texture. Many people, especially in recent years, have lamented about the lack of moisture. Something as decadent as this Double Chocolate muffin can overwhelm the palate without a fluffy, luscious texture. Nevertheless, some people are still obsessed with this rich muffin and proclaim they eat one every day to get their chocolate fix.


Costco guava muffins
Costco guava muffins - Bantha_Lips/Reddit

The Guava Muffins are one of the more intense Costco muffins, complete with guava jam, sugary icing, and a crumbly topping. These decadent muffins are more like a pastry than a muffin, leaning heavily on the fruity sweetness. Some people have compared them to Costco's Guava Danishes, further exemplifying how sweet and gooey these muffins are. Additionally, the first ingredient on the packaging is sugar, which says a lot. However, their sweetness isn't why they rank low on the list.

Unfortunately, these sugary muffins are usually only available in Hawaii. Residents of the Aloha State get to indulge in these lavish muffins, while all other Costco customers can merely look on in intrigue. Like the Guava Muffins, another Costco item, the Guava Cheesecake, seems to only be available in Hawaii.

The limited availability is one reason why these muffins aren't more popular, but additionally, the guava flavor is also divisive. Some Costco customers find it irresistible, while others think the artificial guava flavor is an insult to the tasty fruit, writing on Reddit: "Guava the fruit is good everything else guava flavored isn't." While mainland Costco customers can only dream of these muffins, those who have tried them aren't particularly impressed.

Vanilla Chocolate Chunk

Costco vanilla chocolate chunk muffins
Costco vanilla chocolate chunk muffins - killabeebee/Reddit

For fans of the classic chocolate and vanilla combination, this muffin flavor may seem like it was sent straight from heaven. However, compared to the more interesting and unique Costco muffin flavors, this one falls short. One poster on Reddit said: "On the surface, chocolate and vanilla chunk sounds great, but it is just okay to me."

When one online Costco customer posted these muffins on Reddit, several other customers chimed in with their favorite flavors that they prefer over the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk. Others were even more turned off by these muffins, saying they sounded unappetizing. The best way to describe the flavor is as a chocolate chip cookie in a cakey muffin form. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic dessert, but not everyone wants their muffins to taste like this sweet snack. Aside from the less popular flavor profile, these muffins aren't as popular because only certain stores appear to make them.

The vanilla-flavored muffin batter is loaded with chocolate chunks, and the muffins are finished with a chocolate drizzle. It seems the execution of these muffins is spot-on, but the all-too-common flavor profile makes them a less exciting choice among Costco shoppers.

Raspberry Lemon

Costco lemon raspberry muffins
Costco lemon raspberry muffins - pman8362/Reddit

The Raspberry Lemon Muffins are a divisive Costco muffin flavor that some adore, while some others loathe. A common complaint is that these muffins are too heavy on the raspberry flavor and sweetness. The lemon-flavored muffins feature chunks of raspberries and a white icing drizzle on top.

There is also a robust serving of raspberries in every muffin, which some find delightful. If you are obsessed with raspberries, you'll likely be head over heels for these berry muffins. But everyone else may feel attacked by the tart raspberry taste.

The muffins are made with real, whole raspberries, so getting a mouthful of raspberry is not uncommon. Another issue with this muffin flavor is its inconsistent availability. People say they come and go randomly and sometimes disappear for months at a time. Ultimately, this muffin is a dream for raspberry lovers, but an overly sweet disappointment for everyone else.

Banana Chocolate Chip

Costco banana chocolate muffin
Costco banana chocolate muffin - Reddit

The Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are not as popular or as common as the Banana Nut Muffins available at Costco, making the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins fall much lower on the list. These muffins can also be tough to find because it seems that some Costco bakeries will opt to make the Banana Nut instead.

A Costco employee even explained that many Costco locations only make Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins when their ingredient supply allows. The Reddit comment said: "We only had them for three days when we had a lot of bananas, but no nuts." In a way, the Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are a serendipitous flavor that folks only get to enjoy when the ingredient supply stars align just right.

The lucky few who do get to enjoy this unicorn of a flavor say they're delicious and loaded with chocolate chips. Along with the chocolate chips mixed into the muffin batter, they also pile little chips on top of the muffin, ensuring an insane amount of chocolate in every bite. There are few complaints about this flavor, excluding people who strongly prefer the Banana Nut Muffin flavor, so the main issue is that it rarely pops up in stores.

Chocolate Chip

Costco chocolate chip muffin
Costco chocolate chip muffin - More-Sherbet-4120/Reddit

Not to be confused with the Vanilla Chocolate Chunk, the Chocolate Chip Muffins are less heavy on the vanilla flavoring and use small chocolate chips instead of fat chocolate chunks. They're sweet and cakey but are not always available. The lack of Chocolate Chip Muffins has even made some Costco customers angry. The Chocolate Chip Muffins are a classic flavor, but their simplicity may be why they're not as popular.

Costco muffins are usually abundant in toppings, flavors, and mix-ins, but the Chocolate Chip Muffins sometimes have an abysmal amount of chocolate chips. One Reddit user made a post about his muffin's lack of chocolate chips, saying: "It was supposed to be vanilla chocolate chip, it had a total of 4 chocolate chips." What is a Chocolate Chip Muffin without chocolate chips? It's a disappointment.

Some Chocolate Chip Muffin batches are likely short on chocolate chips because of supply issues. However, if this muffin flavor were more popular, Costco would probably prioritize having its supplies on hand, so its rarity implies customers aren't stomping their feet and demanding this flavor.


Costco mantecada muffins
Costco mantecada muffins - costcogal88/Instagram

The Mantecada Muffins that are available at Costco are similar to corn muffins. Mantecadas are a type of Latin pastry made with very simple ingredients. However, unlike the Corn Muffins, the Costco recipe for Mantecada Muffins does not include corn -- unless you count corn starch. It's worth noting that most traditional mantecada recipes do feature cornmeal, so Costco has taken some liberties here. Nevertheless, fans of more authentic mantecadas enjoy Costco's Mantecada Muffins. On Reddit, one fan of the flavor said: "Yeah it has my approval, I'm used to some mantecadas from a panadería called Tlaxcala and it's close enough."

Interestingly, the ingredient list is one of the shortest of all the muffins, showing the simplicity and refinement of this flavor. Aside from being a slightly lighter shade of yellow, the Mantecada Muffins are visually indistinguishable from the corn, so thank goodness for the labels. The flavor is much subtler than the corn muffins, with a mildly sweet taste and balanced profile.

Because the corn muffins are so popular, many Costcos choose the Corn flavor over the Mantecada flavor, so these don't show up as often as corn, but they're not too challenging to find. They show up in Costco locations from California to Colorado to the Northeast. These merely rank lower on the list because they don't have that wow factor that many other Costo muffin flavors do.


Costco coffee cake muffins
Costco coffee cake muffins - Geezlouise20/Reddit

Moving into the top half of the list, the Coffeecake Muffins take the seventh spot. These muffins were discontinued for a while but brought back because of the many passionate customers who love them. There was even a petition made for their return on Change.org!

These cinnamon-flavored muffins have a streusel crumble on top, along with a sweet white icing. The muffin itself has a balanced cinnamon and coffee flavor, making these a wonderful and warm autumn treat. Which is appropriate, as they're a seasonal flavor at most stores. However, some stores have them all the time, so it's hard to know when and where they'll be available.

Some Costco customers have cited these muffins as a childhood favorite. One Reddit commenter said: "I loved those as a kid." These Coffeecake Muffins are likely popular among kids because of the indulgent topping, which is supremely sweet and pairs well with the coffee flavor.

Banana Nut

banana nut muffins
banana nut muffins - Twitter

Banana Nut is a classic flavor combination that Costco nails in its enormous muffins. Not to be confused with the Banana Chocolate Muffins that some Costco stores sell, these muffins have a cozy flavor that has become many Costco shoppers' favorite.

This Costco muffin has a dense texture, prominent banana flavor, and a soft crunch of walnuts that make it a wonderful option for breakfast or dessert. The Costco bakery makes sure to load up every muffin with walnut pieces so the gentle crunch and earthy flavor make it into every bite. The beloved Banana Nut flavor has come and gone a few times, but Costco always brings it back eventually to appease its fans.

However, some Costco employees have commented on this irregularity on Reddit, saying: "Banana will replace Pumpkin after Christmas as we use up our left over [bananas] from the holiday loaves." Walnut prices can be tumultuous, possibly influencing when these muffins are available, other fans of the muffin speculated on Reddit.

While Costco's execution of its Banana Nut Muffins is practically perfect, it's not as popular as other flavors. Therefore, it doesn't sell well in all stores, hence its mediocre ranking.

Almond Poppy

Costco almond poppy seed muffins
Costco almond poppy seed muffins - phevenor/Reddit

Lemon and poppy seed is a classic flavor pairing, but Costco customers haven't seen Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins in Costco in a long time, indicating the almond variety has taken their place for the foreseeable future. While some were disappointed to see the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins go, the Almond Poppy flavor has become somewhat of a cult favorite. But even some Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin fans admit the Almond ones are quite good and fill the void the Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins left.

The Almond Poppy Muffins don't hit the spot for everyone, but some customers find them wholly irresistible. One Reddit user joked with another, saying: "When you say you don't care for them, you mean you devour them with reckless abandon in a careless fashion, right?"

These muffins combine the distinct crunch of poppy seeds with a gentle, nutty almond flavor that is well-balanced and bright. Surprisingly, some describe them as being a bit sweeter than the original Lemon Poppy Seed muffins.

The almond flavor is incredibly subtle, so some people don't even notice it. And there are no almond pieces of toppings, as the delicate almond flavor is only in the batter. While these seem to be wildly available, they're simply not as passionately loved as flavors that ranked higher on this list.

Pumpkin Streusel

Costco pumpkin streusel muffins
Costco pumpkin streusel muffins - Reddit

The Pumpkin Streusel flavor is one of the most popular seasonal muffins sold at Costco. However, some customers report that their local stores almost always have them. The spiced pumpkin flavor, sweet icing, and crumbly streusel topping make it an autumn favorite that many look forward to. One Reddit commenter dubbed the muffins: "my favorite pumpkin thing so far this year."

While this flavor is adored and easy to find, especially during the fall, the muffins tend to have an inconsistent appearance. Most people are familiar with the golden brown muffins with a slightly orange icing drizzle and crumbly streusel on top. But some bakeries deliver a darker brown muffin with a light (or sometimes heavy) dusting of sugar on top and crunchier streusel.

While the different executions can be perplexing, no one seems to have any complaints about either variety. Once upon a time, Costco made Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Muffins, but they were short-lived and haven't reappeared in years.

The Pumpkin Streusel Muffin has also had moments when it disappeared. Luckily, the folks at Costco brought it back to satisfy the many pumpkin lovers who visit their stores.


blueberry muffin
blueberry muffin - CoronaCurious/Reddit

In third place are Costco's Blueberry Muffins, which are one of the more well-known and widely available Costco muffin flavors. People love them because the blueberries are large and succulent.

Some confidently call the Blueberry Muffins their favorite flavor, but many others consider it a close second. One Reddit user gave the Blueberry Muffins high praise, saying: "Of course it's subjective, but those Blueberry Muffins are perfection." While there have been a few complaints about the Blueberry Muffins lacking blueberries, most people find them to be a delightful flavor that hits all the right notes.

These rankings are based on popularity, availability, texture, and flavor. But the Blueberry Muffins have a unique problem that stops them from being number one or two on this list. People struggle to keep the muffins fresh, reporting that they seem to go bad surprisingly quickly. However, this problem doesn't stop most people from purchasing their favorite flavor.

Apple Crumb

Costco apple crumb muffins
Costco apple crumb muffins - AMWUFFY/Twitter

Apple Crumb takes the number two spot because of the delicate and buttery streusel on top and the warm, spiced apple flavor. They have a cozy fall flavor that rivals the pumpkin streusel. People refer to these as Apple Crumb, cinnamon apple, and apple streusel muffins, but they're all the same.

For many, this is the number one flavor, even though they are seasonal in some locations. The Apple Crumb is another flavor that some customers have a nostalgic attachment to because they enjoyed them as a child, so these have been around for years. On Reddit, one comment stated: "When I was younger and went with my mom we always got those ones. Now that I'm old and have my own membership I look for them every time." But they come and go and appear more in certain locations than others. When they're not around, some people are heartbroken.

A few people online have commented that they can be overly sweet, and are closer to a cupcake than a typical muffin. But plenty of Costco customers adore the apple pie-like flavor.


Costco pack of corn muffins
Costco pack of corn muffins - CAsacman69/Reddit

The classic Costco Corn Muffin takes the number one spot because it packs a punch of earthy but sweet corn flavor that people can't get enough of. As one of the most inoffensive and widely loved muffin flavors, you can find Corn Muffins in most Costco stores.

The beautiful simplicity of these muffins is what makes it such a popular flavor. When toasted lightly and topped with a generous pad of butter, the muffin offers a heavenly taste, balanced and light enough for breakfast but sweet and satisfying enough for dessert.

For those thinking that these are just cornbread in a muffin shape, think again! With sugar as the first ingredient, the muffins are like a dessert version of cornbread, making them mouthwatering. Some wish the flavor was closer to a typical cornbread and find it too sweet, but the muffin is still a common favorite among Costco shoppers. It's an exquisite, flavorful treat, from the moist but crumbly texture to the golden brown top to the light corn taste that tickles the taste buds.

People eat these muffins on their own, dipped in a meaty chili, or warmed in the oven and topped with butter, just to name a few ways folks enjoy them. These scrumptious muffins could even be labeled irresistible, as some Corn Muffin lovers admit to devouring more than one in a single sitting.

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