14 Celebrities Who Got So Irritated Mid-Interview That They Literally Dropped The Mic And Left

If there's one thing I love, it's a dramatic exit. Here are 14 celebrities who were sooo not okay with the questions being asked in an interview that they stormed off mid-conversation:


interviewer asking about Rihanna's personal life and then saying, that's where our interview abruptly ended

2.Paris Hilton

paris and an interviewer talking while paris looks more annoyed

3.Taylor Swift

taylor on stage with her guitar

4.Gordon Ramsay

This seemed like a lighthearted interaction between the hosts and Gordon Ramsay, but he definitely walked out of that interview nonetheless so this interaction belongs on the list. The host asked Gordon if he had gotten Botox while in the US, and this made Gordon laugh as he asked,

The chef I know will fully curse you out over undercooked risotto, so seeing him laugh along with the reporters and stepping away from the interview seemed a lot nicer than I'm used to, even with the walk off.

him in the kitchen saying what a fucking disgrace

5.Kanye West

the interview on a news channel

6.Adam Driver

closeup of him

7.LeBron James

lebron and an interview in the press room

The slow-motion walkout, accompanied by 21 full seconds of complete silence, LeBron putting on his sunnies and grabbing his bag while strutting away. I am living and breathing for the drama here. This could be a scene from any season of The Real Housewives.

lebron walking off

8.Joan Rivers

the interview on tv

9.Angela White, aka Blac Chyna

her walking out of the interview

10.Colson Baker, aka Machine Gun Kelly

MGK walking out

11.Russell Crowe

him speaking at a podium

12.50 Cent

50 cent removing his mic and walking out of the interview

13.Cameron Diaz

closeup of her

14.Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar

the two women walking out of the view interview

Ah yes, the drama of it all. It's honestly such a guilty pleasure to watch celebrities stand up to interviewers who disrespect them, or to see interviewers call out celebrities who deserve it. What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite celeb walkout moment that didn't make it on this list? Let us know in the comments!