13 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Peri faces danger as Rayne's story gets even darker, while Goldie grows suspicious of Carter, and Yazz and Tom face new struggles.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Romeo faces false allegations

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Romeo is still hurting after another altercation with Rayne but she continues to gaslight him and wants to brush it under the carpet.

Rayne's latest post on controlling partners prompts Faye to get the wrong end of the stick, believing she's speaking about Romeo. She comes up with a plan to use it to Rayne's career advantage.

While Romeo is trying to reach out to Hunter and James, they all receive a notification on their phones which brands Romeo a controlling boyfriend.

James wants to legally protect Romeo's name, but Rayne tries to talk Romeo out of the lawsuit idea and instead convinces him to do a counteracting live stream.

2. Peri is in danger

romeo nightingale and rayne royce in hollyoaks
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Peri tracks down Brent's mum Cheryl and receives some new information.

Peri is soon left in danger after finding out more shocking truths about Rayne's past.

3. Felix returns from hospital

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Felix is discharged from hospital, but Sharon is worried that he might not be emotionally ready.

Mercedes asks Felix if he wants to stay at hers while they find a place together, but it gets too much for him when Goldie and Nana return home.

Later, Warren offers Felix some relationship advice.

4. Rayne is confronted by Lacey

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Lacey overhears a conversation Rayne is having with Faye. Angry, she calls her out for exploiting coercive control and allowing Romeo to be called controlling online.

Lacey brands Rayne disgusting, just as Romeo walks in.

Rayne manipulates Lacey into keeping the truth from Romeo on who leaked the story about him

5. Yazz faces a work disaster

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Tom is supporting Yazz with her career, but while she's working on the presentation, he finds her asleep at her laptop.

Yazz tells Beau that she didn't get to finish the presentation, but horror strikes when he informs his colleague that it has been moved to this afternoon.

Yazz scrambles to produce the presentation, but when things don't go to plan, Carter suggests she takes the rest of the day off, saying he'll talk to her tomorrow in his office.

Tom helps Yazz to prepare herself for her chat with the new headmaster after her freak-out during yesterday's presentation.

After Yazz opens up to Carter about being exhausted, he tells her that, while he's impressed with her, he thinks she needs to take some time to rest at home.

6. Donna-Marie is left devastated

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Leela tells James and Joel that she doesn't want Donna-Marie finding out about the online hate Romeo is receiving, in case it sends her on a downward spiral after being clean for three weeks.

Unable to keep Donna-Marie's phone from her any longer, Joel and Leela tell her the truth, leaving her angry that she hasn't been able to support her son.

When Leela stumbles across a syringe in the house, she instantly blames Donna-Marie.

7. Rayne manipulates Donna-Marie

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Donna-Marie tells Romeo that she's proud of him and asks if he has heard from Peri, who she hasn't received her regular check-in from.

Rayne invites a reluctant Donna-Marie to dinner with her and Romeo.

When Donna-Marie turns up, Rayne tells her that Romeo isn't coming anymore as he's worried if he lets her in again, he might end up hurt if she relapses.

Unable to bear the pain of her son not wanting to be around her, Donna-Marie turns to the bottle.

8. Sienna comes up with a new plan

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Sienna gets her hopes up when she sees Rafe with an engagement ring, but is awkwardly brought back to earth when she discovers it's for a bridal photoshoot.

Ethan helps to inspire Sienna, who comes up with a plan to get the model that Nadira hired for the photoshoot out of the way by planting the ring in her bag.

9. Goldie grows suspicious of Carter

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Goldie is sure Carter has an evil hidden agenda and is determined to find out what it is.

However, John Paul is horrified when he discovers Carter is Freya's dad, fearing he'll never be able to face the new resident again.

When Carter turns up at the McQueens', he tells John Paul he forgives him for the car crash, but Goldie isn't convinced his nice guy image is all that it seems.

As Carter leaves the McQueens', he takes a mysterious phone call in which he mentions John Paul.

10. Rayne puts more pressure on Romeo

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Rayne is irritated when Romeo answers a call during her livestream.

Romeo grows concerned about his mum's welfare after hearing she's missing, and sets about to go help and find her.

Furious, Rayne manipulates him into staying with her instead.

11. Leela makes a difficult decision

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Joel walks in on Donna-Marie stealing from the Lomax house, but she manages to rush out.

As Leela worries about Donna-Marie, Joel suggests they split up to find her.

James, Leela and Joel later find a relapsed Donna-Marie.

Knowing she can't help Donna-Marie until she helps herself, Leela makes the difficult decision to kick her out.

12. Yazz's behaviour sparks concern

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A stressed Yazz lashes out at her family, just as Misbah returns home.

Afterwards, things remain tense between Tom and Yazz.

Wanting to help her daughter, Misbah gets Yazz to open up to her about her true feelings since the ectopic pregnancy, where she admits work was the only thing keeping her focused.

While testing out the new bench Zain has been working on, Misbah opens up to him about her concerns for Yazz.

13. Cindy makes a big gesture

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Cindy plans a date night for her and Dave to help him through his family troubles.

As they chat, Dave admits it's not just family stuff that has him down – he just isn't where he wants to be in his life.

After hearing how he feels unsatisfied with his career, Cindy surprises Dave by buying him his own van.

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