13 Hollyoaks spoilers for next week

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Next week on Hollyoaks, Tony struggles to manage the teens, while Felix threatens Sharon over her secret, and Hunter has a worrying realisation about Freya.

Here's a full collection of the biggest moments coming up:

1. Mercedes is left devastated over Felix

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Mercedes waits with an unconscious Felix while Warren tries to find Sharon for help. Felix comes around and they wait for Sharon to meet them at the garage.

Afterwards, Mercedes begs Felix to stop fighting, but he refuses.

Knowing she can't stand by and watch Felix continue to put himself in danger, Mercedes walks out on him.

2. Ethan and Sienna continue to sneak around

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Ethan and Sienna try to spend some romantic time together in The Loft, but when Norma turns up demanding for the door to be open, their quality time is cut short.

Norma teases Ethan about moving on from Sienna, leaving him and a hidden Sienna with some thoughts to process.

Back at the flat, Ethan and Sienna pick up where they left things.

3. Darren is unable to help Charlie

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Jack tries to advise Darren on how to handle Charlie's recent behaviour.

Pearl tells Darren that he needs to set boundaries with Charlie, but when Darren can't find a way to get through to the teenager, he starts blaming himself.

Upstairs, Charlie's anxiety grows as his self-doubt grows.

4. Felix threatens to expose Sharon's secret

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Felix reels from what's happened with Mercedes and blames Sharon.

Back at home, he threatens Sharon with exposing a secret he's kept for 20 years.

Sharon turns to her family for guidance after being dragged down with all the Felix drama and decides to walk away from it all.

Mercedes is also sticking to her guns where Felix is concerned and tells Warren that Felix can't be saved unless he wants to be.

5. Tony struggles to manage the teens

vicky grant, tony hutchinson, beau ramsey, leah barnes, lucas hay and dillon ray in hollyoaks
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With the kids refusing to participate, Tony is left to complete the Earl of Dee challenge himself.

The teens reassure each other they won't drift apart when they get their new timetables, but Lucas watches on alone.

Beau manages to find a way to get them to participate in the challenge, but Tony realises his phone has also gone missing.

Tony tries to help refocus the teens ready to complete the Earl of Dee awards by encouraging a group meditation session. However, they have other ideas and sneak off.

On their return, Tony presents the youngsters with another group bonding idea – litter picking.

6. Sienna decides to call off the plan

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Ste offers Sienna some advice, concerned that his friend's plan will leave her rich but lonely.

Sienna decides it's Ethan she wants in the long-term and calls things off with Rafe via voice message. However, she is shocked when she unexpectedly runs into Rafe, who asks if they can talk things through.

Unaware of this, Ethan has a spring in his step as he looks forward to his date later with Sienna.

7. Hunter has a worrying realisation

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Goldie tries to give Hunter's love life a push in the direction of Zoe.

Hunter tells Freya he's meeting Zoe for a drink but promises to come back to look at her art.

Zoe tells Hunter that although it's too soon for another relationship, she doesn't care and they rush from the Love Boat together.

When Freya gifts her artwork to Hunter, he realises that it might be of himself. Worried, Hunter calls in Beau for advice, remembering he once drew a teacher he was in love with.

8. Sienna overhears Rafe's curious call

sienna blake and rafe harcourt in hollyoaks
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Sienna tells Ethan she thinks Rafe might be close to proposing, but a call from Rafe saying Dilly is missing stops them in their tracks.

A drunk Dilly turns up to The Loft. She tells Ethan he owes her and must tell Rafe that Sienna planted the drugs on her.

Rafe tries to take Dilly out of The Loft but Ethan stops him. Sienna steps in when things between the men get physical.

Back at Rafe's mansion, Sienna overhears a curious phone conversation Rafe receives.

9. Maxine has a new setback

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Lacey is updating Dee Valley Law's website with pictures of its employers, but when Maxine sees hers, she demands it's taken down until she edits it.

Maxine tries to make her picture 'perfect' and Lacey is troubled when she finds a beauty aesthetics pamphlet with notes on.

10. Tony is left disappointed

lucas hay, dillon ray, leah barnes, vicky grant and freya calder in hollyoaks
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The teens are still refusing to take the Earl of Dee awards seriously, leaving Tony at his wits' end.

Beau and Tony manage to divert Rafe from seeing the mess the teens have caused. Rafe tells them the press will be coming tomorrow and Tony is left down in the dumps, feeling like a failure.

On the day of the Earl of Dee Award's finale, Beau finds the campsite wrecked. But who is responsible and why?

11. Ethan hides a secret

ethan williams in hollyoaks
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When Ethan doesn't return home all night, Sienna questions him on his whereabouts. Ethan says that he had a one man lock-in, and that he's back on board with the plan.

Needing Dilly to be kept out of the way, and wanting to eliminate any guilty feelings, Sienna asks Ethan to spend time with Dilly while she continues to get closer to Rafe.

Rafe confides in Sienna about wanting his sister around and Sienna encourages him to call Ethan to see if he knows where she is. Secretly, Ethan is unable to remember the night before.

12. Hunter is left shocked by Freya

hunter mcqueen in hollyoaks
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John Paul tells Hunter that he needs to put a stop to Freya's crush before anyone hears about it.

Hunter approaches the subject with Freya, who tells him that she's in love with him, just like he was with Neeta.

Hunter tries to tell Freya their relationship is strictly student and teacher, but when she doesn't accept it, things get heated between them and Freya ends up storming off.

13. Ethan supports Dilly

ethan williams and dilly harcourt in hollyoaks
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Rafe tells later Dilly that he has something he needs to tell her.

Emotional afterwards, Dilly asks Ethan if he'll keep her company as she doesn't want to be alone.

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