13 Weirdly Strict Rules And Demands Entitled Brides Had For Their Weddings

1.This bride who demanded her maid of honor get her ears pierced:

"Also she's also thinking of backing out now."
u/cooljesus69 / Via
"I just really don't want to get my ears pierced."
u/cooljesus69 / Via

2.This bride who didn't want her bridesmaids to get pregnant:

"Am I over reacting?"
u/halapi / Via

3.This bride who had no patience for her florist recovering from surgery:

"like I'm not gonna waste my time with someone who clearly doesn't care about my feelings or my wedding day, you know?"
u/throwawaybridezillas / Via
"Your recovery won't interfere with my wedding timeline right?"
u/throwawaybridezillas / Via
"We would recommend you find another florist."
u/throwawaybridezillas / Via

4.This bride who insisted her bridesmaids cut their hair the same:

"Is it okay to demote a bridesmaid to regular guest if she didn't agree to cut her waist-length hair to shoulder-length?"
u/maybelle180 / Via

5.This bride who wanted all her bridesmaids to cut AND dye their hair:

"she has asked the bridal party to all cut our hair to the same length"
u/Cojy730 / Via

6.This bride who almost kicked bridesmaids out for not responding to her text:

"Girl calm down you literally just said if you can't adhere then let you know."
u/throwawaybridezillas / Via

7.This bride and groom who had a waaaay too strict no-child policy:

"AITA For not inviting my daughter to my wedding?"
u/Ladylottington72 / Via
"My fiancee and I both think we're in the right for wanting a child free wedding"
u/Ladylottington72 / Via

8.This bride who seriously wouldn't let her sister be a bridesmaid because she wasn't a size 2:

"The other attendees were super skinny and I was a size 12. It stung hard!"
u/UnalteredCube / Via

9.This bride who didn't want her father-in-law to visit his dying father:

"FH's dad is flying to Florida with no return flight booked to visit a 105 year old man that probably won't even recognize him."
u/SoniaByNight / Via

10.This bride's no gray hair policy for bridesmaids:

"Wedding is ten weeks away and I think her hair is only going to get worst."
u/willsingforpopcorn / Via

11.This bride and groom who posted a list of restrictions for their wedding:

"No apple watches allowed"
u/moondoo8 / Via

12.This bride who — and I kid you not — asked her maid of honor to change her first name:

"change your name please."
u/secret_side_quest / Via

13.And lastly, this bride who did not approve of her maid of honor getting a tattoo:

"I know I am being selfish but she never told me and didn't warn me she was getting it"
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